Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer's here

Summer is Finally Here. The clouds have let the sunshine take over for awhile and that gives us a chance to enjoy time together outside.
Bring on the picnics, bike rides, and camping trips!

Dan and Kiera watching the Strawberry Festival parade.

Kiera loves to play in the water now that she's gotten used to it.
She is out there constantly and sometimes she gets in while
she's still dressed (shoes and all).

Just thought this was cute. Not the best view but cute nonetheless.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hats off to you cuties

The weather over here doesn't want to make up its mind. One day we have to go out to buy a fan, and the next we have to turn the heat back on. When it gets cold out I like to put Ethan in a hat and recently, whatever treatment Ethan gets Kiera wants also. So when Ethan got the hat; we had to pull out one of Kiera's old hats that barely fits. But they both looked cute.

Little Jock

Our little Ethan is growing so fast. He is already in #3 diapers and in 6 mo. old clothing. I wish that I could find onesie extenders or something to make his clothes last longer. I know they make them but just can't find them. Anyway, we had our own little photo shoot yesterday to show off Ethan's athletic gear. It was cut short when Kiera got into the action as you can see from the last picture.