Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Ethan!

Can't believe my little boy is 5! Can't believe he'll start Kindergarten this Fall! Can't believe how much he's grown! But I better believe it because it's true! WOW! Happy Birthday little buddy! We love you!

Seems not that long ago this is what we saw. the past 3 years have gone by so fast! 

And here's the happy birthday boy now at 5 years old!

 For this years cake Ethan wanted a spiderman theme. 
So, I Googled a few pictures and came up with this. He's was pleased if I do say so myself.

We had a fun little party to celebrate on Saturday night with the cousins (Steve's Family) and "Uncle" Ben and "Aunt" Kara. We ate hotdogs, jello salad, chips, and some Mung Bean Salad that I made. But of course what boy doesn't love opening gifts the best?

Happy Birthday lil guy! We love you!

Photo Bomb Update

Last month my Mom and Dad came up for a visit while Dan was still out of town in the Philippines. We had a lot of fun and spent a day in Seattle. We went to the Pacific Science Center and the Space Needle. It was a perfect sunny day too!

Hard to believe these spiders are actually painting onto the top of that building. They looked so 3D!

Love these guys!

At the Science Center

I wish I had gotten more pictures at the Science Center but it was really difficult trying to juggle 3 kids by myself in that place! My parents went and saw one of the IMAX films while we were there. But we have the memories right?

The other night before bed the kids and I decided to have a photo booth session. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved having their picture taken over and over. These were my 3 favorites.

We have also been enjoying some very strange weather this winter. We have not had snow even once! And just two days ago I was outside in my short sleeve shirt tilling up the garden! Now that's just crazy! But I'm not complaining too much because when it is nice out, the kids like to play outside and I can get things done or relax a little instead of coming up with some new activity to keep them from boredom.

This is a pic of Kiera and Ethan exploring the different colored rocks in the fire pit. They would find "special" ones and place them on the boulders we have around the pit for seating. It was one of those moments that you love because they are getting along and playing with each other without any quarrels or spats. Gotta love that!

Ethan and Emma enjoying the swings in the backyard. 
Lovin' a nice sunny day while Kiera is at school

A couple weeks ago we had a family outing and went to the Seattle Aquarium. It was fun to watch the kids and have some much needed time together since Dan had been away. We got to see them feed the octopus and the otters while we were there too. Afterwards we went out on the boardwalk and went to IVARS for some fish and chips and some chowder and bread bowls mmmmm. We also took some pictures as the sun went down. This is my favorite of the one Dan took. Just wish we were able to have someone take one of all 5 of us.

watching the otters

I will be posting pictures from Ethan's Birthday here soon!