Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Simplest and Cutest Aprons

I am finally finished with all my Christmas shopping and crafting for the year. But with the move I didn't feel like I crafted nearly enough. It is an addiction of mine that just cannot be put off when I am in the mood. So what do I do? I ignore all the clutter and boxes that STILL need unpacking and I burrow my way into my unorganized craft room (which is also still in boxes) and I find a way to create. 
Kiera had seen me making Christmas presents earlier in the week and kept asking me if what I was making was for her. I had to keep saying, "sorry no it is for someone else." But once I was all done with everyone else's gifts I decided I could whip something up for my kids too. Why not? I ran across this apron tutorial awhile ago and just had to give it a try.It was SOOOO easy and so fast I am sure I will be using it again. I bought the cute floral fabric and yellow striped fabric at JoAnnes in their remnant basket (50% off) and the denim is from an old pair of my jeans that I'll never wear again. I just cut the legs off just below the back pockets, split it down the back of the leg, cut a crescent shape for the arms, and reused the pockets. Easy Peasy! Then I made my own double bias tape out of 3" strips of my fabric and sewed around. A little embellishment on the pockets and away you go! 

When Kiera asked this time around if it was for her and found out that, yes it was, she was so excited! She stood there and watched me sew away. As soon as the last stitch was done she put it on and didn't take it off the rest of the night. Makes a mom feel good!

Ethan liked his too. I should have waited til he had woken up a bit more from his nap before taking some photos. Oh well.
and yes those are paint buckets in the background that still need to be put away.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Family Christmas Letter

Now that my family should have received their Christmas cards by now, I wanted to post the Christmas letter I wrote. I want to have a copy of it later when I convert my blog to our family year book at the end of the year. Here it is...

Christmas 2010

Much has happened this year in the Glenn home. We’ve had a good year and have had many new adventures. Probably the biggest adventure happened last month in November when we purchased our very first home! We are excited to be homeowners and look forward to both the pleasurable and the not so pleasurable adventures that come with it.

Dan- Continued to serve as scoutmaster in our ward. We thought we would finally have an extra week during the summer to ourselves when our ward split (thinking scout camp would no longer be on the calendar) but as soon as we were in the new ward, he was called again as scoutmaster. He does a really good job at it and I guess his reputation preceded him. We’ll see what happens in our new ward now. At work, Dan has impressed his co-workers and his bosses. We were blessed by his hard work when he was given another raise! He works very hard to provide for our family and we love him for it. He also continues to enjoy his hobby of woodworking and has taken on many projects this year.

Brittany- Served as primary teacher in the ward and was then called as the primary secretary for a whopping 3 weeks before the move. In June she became a licensed Zumba (aerobic Latin dancing) instructor and had plans to teach classes, but quickly found out that she was pregnant just weeks later (we’re due in March). She still attends Zumba classes 2-3 times a week and hopes to start up a class near the new house soon (pregnant and all). Brittany is very excited about the new house and can’t wait to practice her artistic skills in decorating and making it a home. She refuses to give up her craft room and continues to create when time permits. She even started up an Etsy shop online trying to sell baby items she has made.

Kiera (4)- Started preschool and absolutely loves it! She has learned so much and will tell us things she’s learned while out on errands, at home, or whenever something she recognizes comes up. She is also very excited to soon have a new baby brother or sister (we’re keeping it a surprise). She tells everyone she meets that “there is a baby in mommy’s tummy!” She will be a great big sister again. Kiera is into anything frilly and princess. She loves playing with her stuffed animals and plays house everywhere. She also loves to tie things up for some reason. She uses anything she gets her hands on. Brittany has lost many a belt, scarf, shoelace, and hair tie with her around.

Ethan (2)- Is all boy. He loves Cars, Buzz Light-year, and anything to do with Diego. He now talks like a 3 or 4 year old and has surprised us with his effort to potty training himself.  He loves to help mommy in the kitchen and is constantly telling Brittany “I wanna help you” whether it be sweeping the floor, switching the laundry, or cooking dinner. No matter the task he wants to help. Ethan has also learned many of his colors and shapes since Kiera started preschool and brings her stuff home. He asks “what’s that?” to Kiera whenever we go to pick her up and has her papers from school with her.

We look forward to a new year and are excited for the many new adventures! We hope this holiday seasons brings you joy. We love you all and miss many of you who live far away.

Merry Christmas!

Holiday Baking With The Kiddos

Dan is still gone on business but we are so looking forward for him to get home tonight!

Last night I needed an activity to keep the kids busy. So I went online and saw these adorable candy cane cookies and decided we should make some too! I asked the kids if they wanted to make cookies and the answer was a resounding "YES!" They love helping in the kitchen especially when sugar is involved.

I loved the cookie recipe because it calls for two separate bowl of dough. One is colored while the other isn't, so each kid got their very own mixing bowl! It was great. There was absolutely no fighting about who got to put the next ingredient in and no having to take turns on the stool or chair. Just heaven!

Here are some pictures from our baking night! We had a lot of fun!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting to know our new town

Last night was a good night. The hubby has been out of town on business this week and I was worried it was going to be rough. But so far things have worked out. What I thought was going to be a looonnnng and hard day with two kids on my own, turned out to be eventful and enjoyable. Pregnant and all!

We started the morning with Kiera's preschool Christmas party. (I am doing a co-op with a bunch of other moms in the area. We really enjoy it and the price is great!). It was a potluck lunch which was awesome! I didn't have to cook. They had a white elephant gift exchange The kids LOVED their gifts,and they made a Christmas ornament to hang on the tree. We even stayed after and the kids played while I chatted. It was a great afternoon.

When we got home it was nap time. I EVEN TOOK ONE! It was amazing. Then about dinner time we got a knock on the door from one of our neighbors across the street letting us know about the "Santa Run" that the local fire dept. puts on every year. It is a food drive and Santa comes along to make it fun for the kids too. It was that night so we all got our rain coats on and our umbrellas out and stood in the rain waiting for Santa's Firetruck. I think the kids enjoyed being outside in the rain and in the dark more than anything :)

It was cold but fun. The firetruck was all decked out and Santa followed behind on foot to hand out candy canes. Then we all headed back down our little cul-de-sac and went home to finish our cold fish sticks and tater tots. It was a great night.

I took a couple shots outside. They aren't the best since I didn't have time to get the settings right but they work.

The fire truck all lit up, and the guy collecting the bags of food.

Such a happy boy! It is so fun that he knows what's going on this year for Christmas. It makes it so much more fun.

Mommy take my picture! There is a lot of rain on my "brella"

 I see Santa!

Kiera and her neighbor friend. So glad there are kids about her age that she can play with.

Thanks Santa for coming by to visit a week early! The kids loved it!

Catching up from Thanksgiving

Well things are slowly but surely getting unpacked at the new house. We are just about settled and I thought I should get caught up from Thanksgiving before Christmas gets underway next week.

My mom and siblings came up for Thanksgiving this year. I wish we had the chance to visit more than we did, but we were still really busy with painting and prepping the new house to get it ready to move in. It was nice though to have them over to watch the kiddos so we could work. They helped a lot with packing up too.

The time we did get to hang out was great though. The kids love seeing Grandma Tutu, and their aunt and two uncles. I was really bad at taking pictures but I did get a couple.

Here are the kids with Uncle Tyler

Kiera ready to eat our Thanksgiving feast.

 It's a good thing we didn't have to eat much of Ethan's cooking. He brought Aunt Kayla a school bus "sandwich" he'd made between two slices of ?  A diaper? yum yum. Now that's fine dining!

Uncle Tyler pulling the kids around on his feet. So glad he was around 
to do that so I didn't have to with my pregnant belly!

Oh and this is my wonderful hubby Dan. Luckily he no longer has this lovely mustache. His work celebrate 'Movember' for men's prostate cancer awareness month. He would have won too if he would have gone just 3 more days but it just bothered him too much. And I will admit I was NOT sad to see it go early. It bugged me too!

We were sure to get some studly shots of him before it was gone though. Notice in the second and third pictures he shaved off just the sides. He was going for Charlie Chaplin but it looked more like Hitler to me. 

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was the big moving day! So glad that day finally came. It was a good thing after all that we didn't plan on having Thanksgiving in the new place. Washington got a snow storm  that prevented the kitchen appliances from being delivered on time. That would have been bad, wouldn't it?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Seventy Times Seven

I have a few thoughts that I needed to jot down. I don't share this on here to broadcast to everyone all that goes on in my life. I write so that down the road my children will know I was human and that I had struggles as well. Not all is happy go lucky all the time and I think those parts of our lives are left out in our written histories all too often.

I do know that these situations too shall pass but in the moment they are tough and feel so unfair. I have spent today with tear filled eyes. I feel heartbroken, helpless, betrayed, angry, and confused on how a relationship with someone as a child could have turned into what it is now. I feel confused that how someone I looked up to so much then is now someone I don't look to for anything now. In fact I don't want to continue to try and have a relationship with that person again. I now see how hard it can be to truly forgive, especially when you are hurt over and over again. The scriptures say 70X7 we are required to forgive so I know that is my next step. It is just so hard!

Now that the day has waned on and I've had a good cry my anger has subsided a little and I am now opening up to my other senses to that what I hold in my heart and what I believe. My Heavenly Father is so wonderful and I am so thankful that with his help I can let go of the bad feelings and hurt and he'll take it away for me. All I have to do is let him.

So why do I hold on so tight? I feel like I am in a tug o war with Him and my hands are sore and raw from straining to keep hold of the rope. I know I can stop the pain if I just let go and let my Father in Heaven win the competition. I know he'll take it away. What good will the pride of "winning" or keeping the anger in do? Absolutely Nothing....

So it is Seventy Times Seven then...

Monday, November 29, 2010

We Are Moved In!

Sorry for such the long absence, I just got my internet back today. It is probably a good thing it was gone for a couple days since we have been very busy with our move. We bought a house and are now proud homeowners for the first time! We are so excited! But for tonight I have to say my feet, back, hips, and everything are tired. These past 4-5 days have been grueling! I have probably done my share of "pregnancy no no's" with all that moving entails but we are surviving. I seem to remember the last time we moved I was pregnant then as well. Hmmm. We're going to have to plan that better next time.

I will be sure to post before and after pics as soon as I feel like I can breath again. There are soooo many boxes to unpack!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My little angel

My kids are such a treasure! At the end of a long, stressful, and disappointing day with the house we are trying to buy the kids were finally tucked in. It was time to relax but I just couldn't so I decided to clean the bathroom. I needed something to keep me busy. 

Not too long after do I hear Ethan's little voice at his door saying he has something. I thought for sure it would be something like "I need another drink" or " I need my tiger" or something like that. He tends to try all the tricks to stay up as long as possible. 

So, I open the bedroom door and this sweet little boy of mine has his blanket all wadded up and in his arms ready to hand to me. He holds it up and says, "I get you a sup pize mommy!" He had wrapped one of his treasures up for me. What a SWEETHEART! I love my babies! Thanks Ethan you made my night and Mommy loves you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November! The good and the bad

This week has been FULL of Ups and downs. I feel like I've been on a roller-coaster all month so far. The downs have all been centered around one thing and that is the house we're trying to buy. It seems like once we get through one hoop we have to jump another one and once that is fixed another one shows up. Come on guys! I am supposed to be hosting Thanksgiving this year. It'll be a little difficult if we don't have a house to do it in! Plus, the appliances are already ordered as well as the carpet and laminate! But enough of that...Things will turn out the way they should, I just wish they would happen a bit more on my schedule. Heavenly Father knows what he's doing though so I guess I should have some more patience.

The Ups however have been fun. I was contacted by a nearby Zumba instructor replying to an ad I put up that her boss was looking for another instructor. I politely responded back saying I was interested, but since the ad was placed I was now pregnant and didn't think her boss would be that interested. To my surprise it was no big deal at all! She said that she too taught while pregnant at one point.

Long story short...I met with the boss for a casual "interview/meet and greet" where she said she was excited about me and suggested I attend some of her other instructor's classes. After I did that I was to get back with her and let her know if it was still something I'd like to consider. So I may just be instructing my own Zumba class in the near future! I am way excited.

The other highlights of the month have just been the simple family things. Nothing huge but highlights nonetheless. This past Monday our little family did our weekly FHE. The kids requested making puppets (I must have started something). So I grabbed a couple paper lunch sacks, some googly eyes from my stash, and some simple construction paper. I cut a couple shapes out for the faces and then traced the kid's hands to make the turkey feathers. It was VERY simple but the kids loved it.


Today is also Dan's Birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The last of The Halloween posts

Halloween is finished! Now I get to take the decorations down and work on packing. But just wanted to share a couple of the last bit of photos I took yesterday for Halloween. Also I didn't want to forget to get a couple shots of Dan and I's pumpkins.
Ethan still went out as Buzz Lightyear for trick or treating but Kiera stuck with the Lion instead of her original Tinkerbell. I got a box of costumes down earlier in the weekend and they just tried them and played in them. So that's where those pictures came from.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! Now the trick is for me to stop eating all the leftover candy.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Trunk or Treat/Carnival

Our church does a Trunk or Treat every year, where we have a little mini party/carnival at the church and then end the night with trick or treating out of the backs of everyone's car trunk in the parking lot. It's a lot of fun, however this year they decided to move the trunk or treat part inside the building and parade the kids from classroom to classroom to do their trick or treating. I personally would have preferred doing it outside like usual since the weather was nice and I think it would have been sooo much less clean-up too. But either way the kids had fun and that's what is important.

Dan is the scoutmaster in our ward and his group was in charge of one of the games. They put together a grave yard scene and built catapults to launch plastic bones and skulls into their graves and such. They did a good job and the kids loved it. For launching the bones the kids each got candy as a prize.
*I do have to insert my two bits though and say that having a scoutmaster as a husband means there is never a shortage of "favors" or projects that I get asked to help on. So that said, the black painted catapult and the gravestone scenery included some of my handywork too. I didn't build the catapult but I helped. And I drew all the gravestones and such on the front panels... just so you all know... :)

And here are some more pictures from the night...

I went dressed as a witch, but never got a picture taken. I'll have to do that this weekend. As for Dan's costume...well lets just say that I never got around to making it, so he lucked out and wore an orange t-shirt that said "this is my costume." Lame I know but what can you do? It has been so busy!

If you look back you'll notice Kiera's "Tinkerbell" costume wasn't quite up to par either. I didn't have the chance to put her hair up or change her shirt underneath to something more fairy like. In fact, I had to dress the kids in the parking lot because we had just came from Sears where I was trying to purchase appliances for our new house. It was a crazy crazy day!

Our carved pumpkins coming soon....