Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby Quilt Finished!

It is Done! I finished my little sister's quilt today. I love love love it and I just can't wait to give it to her in a few weeks! And I'm also making a second one for a cousin and its almost done!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chevron Quilt Top Progress

Today I had a chance to escape to my craft room and work on the quilt I am making for my little sister's baby girl who's due in August. I was able to finish the quilt top and now need to decide what to do for the quilt back. I have a couple ideas brewing.

I love how the top turned out! It is not perfect, since I had a hard time getting some corners to meet up just right, but it's a pretty good job considering it's my first quilt done on a diagonal. But every project has a learning curve and I now know how to remedy the problem.

I have a whole other set of quilt blocks all made and ready to make a second quilt identical to this one. I am thinking if anyone is interested in it I'd be willing to make it and sell it. I'm trying to come up with ways to raise money for our Disney trip we plan on taking in October. The border color could be anything. I was thinking maybe bright orange or something.

Anyway it was fun to make and I can't wait to see it wrapped around that little niece of mine. She's going to be one spoiled little girl.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Family home evening fun

This past Tuesday we had FHE and did a lesson on obedience and why we obey. We talked about who we obey and why and how it makes our Heavenly Father happy when we obey etc. and to go along with the theme we made some boy and girl stick puppets.
Craft projects are always the highlight of our family nights! It makes me happy. Here are the kids with their stick puppets.

The Green Thumb Itch

A few weeks ago I had the itch to do some planting. Sure I had the garden in already but what good is the nice weather if you aren't out enjoying it? So Emma and I headed to the store and bought 2 big planters, some potting soil, and a bunch of flowers. We brought them home and made a couple of these to sit on the back patio/deck. They are still doing awesome and have filled out much more since this picture was taken. The other pot has some white petunias and some pink and purple flowers with more tall grass in the middle.  I just love spring and summer time!

Enjoying the Warm Sunshine

I love this picture! We've been having a good run of warm nice weather lately and I hope it continues!

Emma and I have been enjoying our mornings together Monday-Wednesday while Ethan is at preschool. That is when we run our errands to the store, the post office, or clean out the car while Emma pretends to be the driver etc. But it's also when we do some watering of the garden and flower beds. Emma loves her job of helping mommy carry the hose from plant to plant and will get upset if mommy tries to do it on her own. She is very protective of her jobs and is constantly saying "I do it, I do it!" But I don't really mind. It is fun to watch her grow and I love the chance she and I have to spend time together one on one.

Look who lost another tooth!

Look who lost another tooth! It has been awhile since she lost it but I need to get a pic of it in here so I can always treasure that toothless grin. Can't wait til the other one goes too so we can sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"
The tooth fairy was so cool this time around too because the night Kiera lost it, mommy forgot to send an e-mail to the tooth fairy to let her know, and then the next night we weren't home so Kiera had to wait two extra nights. So to make it up to Kiera, the tooth fairy left a personal note behind and a bit of "real" fairy dust in a plastic baggie. It was so cool. Kiera loved it too because the fairy dust made the paper airplane her daddy made her the night before fly even higher than before. 
Or so she says. :)

Now to stop the meanies at her school that keep telling her that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy aren't real! Sheesh, kids these days! But for now I just tell her that she can believe in what she wants and if the kids at school don't want to believe in magic that is their problem.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diorama Fun

So we have been busy busy busy and amongst all the to's and fro's I have taken a photo or two and just thought I'd share what the kids and I did the other day.

Ethan had a dinosaur habitat homework assignment for preschool so while Emma was napping the other day he and I worked on his project. He had so much fun doing and was one proud little boy when it was all done. And I'll have to admit I was pretty proud myself. It turned out pretty cool. But when it came time to finding some toy dinosaurs to go in his habitat I learned a disturbing thing. What boy at the age of 5 only has two lousy dinosaur toys? Something is wrong with this picture. We'll have to work on that one. But here's my proud little man and his first ever diorama.

And of course when Kiera got home from school she was jealous and so she decided she had to make a diorama of her own. And what's better than a "My Little Pony" habitat? Love it! And since then She has added some more grassy meadows and fluffy white clouds that hang in the background. Don't know how long but I imagine these two masterpieces will be gracing my kitchen table for awhile. And I am ok with that.