Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Seattle Time Out For Women

 This Year was my first time attending Time Out For Women. I have always wanted to go and in March a friend from the ward Sheila Sisney (also serves in Young Women's with me) invited me use an extra ticket. It included a hotel stay as well! I couldn't refuse! So I packed a bag for me and Ellie and we went for our Time Out!

It was really fun to go with a friend and escape for the weekend. I even bought myself a new necklace, a new skirt, and a few tops.I hardly shop for myself anymore! The speakers were awesome and the whole thing was spiritually uplifting and just what I needed! I hope I can go again in the future.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Kiera in School Choir

Kiera had the opportunity of being in a mini school choir this year. The students had practices during their recesses and were able to perform at the high school's performing arts center at the end of the couple months of preparing. It was fun to watch her practice her songs in the car, the grocery store, and home whenever she had the chance. She was so excited to perform and have us watch her. I took some videos of her singing too.

Kiera receiving her choir certificate

Friday, March 20, 2015

Kayla and Alexis Visit

It was so fun to have my sister and her daughter Alexis visit us in March. I just wish our visits could be more often. Life is just right when you're sister is around!

 We had lots of fun while she was here. We took day trips to the park, went for walks, played at Jungle Playland, went out to eat, and even had a fire and roasted hot dogs and smor'es. I was very sad when it was all over and the two of them had to head home to Colorado.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Emma's 4th Birthday

Our little Emma turned 4 in March! Can you believe this little girl is in preschool? She is growing up to be such a little character. She is all girl! She loves everything pink, sparkly, and frilly. She loves sweets and could eat anything bread all day long! She loves preschool and is always on the lookout to make a new friend any chance she gets.
This year for her birthday she requested a "Disney's Frozen" cake. But to be a little different from the princess Anna and Elsa we went with the little snowman from the movie instead. Here's her  Olaf cake:
this cake was a lot of fun. The outside is made with KitKat bars that I scored with a fork to make them look like wood. I just love Olaf's little melting friend too.
For Emma's birthday we had a little get together with the neighbor kids, Grandma and Grandpa Glenn, and "Uncle" Ben and "Aunt Kara. The cousins couldn't come since they were sick. But we still had fun.

We'd better watch out! If she gets this excited about shoes now what's going to happen when she's a teenager?!

I made her an Olaf hooded towel and she loved it! I can see this thing being used for much more than bath time.

Emma plays with these magnetic dolls EVERY time we drop her off at preschool. She was so excited to get her very own set. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Glenn!


And look who else came for a visit! This is my adorable niece Alexis. I loved having her and her mommy come stay for awhile! I really hope one day we can live close.

For Emma's birthday we went to a hockey game for the Silvertips. She still talks about it. I don't think she had a clue what was really going on during the game but that didn't matter. She thought it was the coolest thing to be in a private suite (hosted by Dan's work) where she could wander and eat as many chips, popcorn and goodies as she wished. 

She looks happy now but this girl wasn't much of a fan of the game. Whenever we scored a point the sirens and cheering were very worrisome for her. Luckily Dan's co-workers who shared the suite with us brought some of their kids' soundproof earmuffs.
much better. "Huh, what did you say mom? I can't hear you"

The cake didn't get eaten as much as I had hoped. So to prevent us from taking the rest home I invited all the teenage boys in the suite next to us to come and eat cake too. It disappeared in a hurry after that.

Happy Birthday Emma. You are such a sweet little girl and a cherished member of our family. We love you!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Visit to the Tulips

 This March was much warmer than usual, and with that the flowers were in bloom much earlier. We took our annual trip to the tulip fields and had our family pictures taken. We went with our friends Ben and Kara May. It was fun to see their son Zach walking around enjoying the flowers too. Ben and I did family pictures for each other so we credit the family shots and the couple shots with Dan and I in them to Ben. Thanks a bunch!



Kara, Ben, and Zach, with baby number two on the way

It is so fun to watch these guys grow up together. 

After the tulips we went to our favorite it little stop "The Snowgoose Market." It is where we always go to get giant ice cream cones. It has become a tulip festival tradition for us. I didn't get a picture of it though. I was too busy eating!

After everyone's brain freeze had subsided, Ben and Kara showed us their newly discovered hiking trail. It had a really cool lookout the overlooked the entire valley. We could see the tulip fields where we had just been. It was an awesome view. I am sure we will be returning when we have a bit more time for an actual hike. The kids were not satisfied with our 10 minute stroll through the woods. I think they would have hiked for miles had we let them.