Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 2014 update

October was a busy busy month. We had everything from harvest activities, field trips, building projects, Halloween and everything in between.  It is so sad how far behind I have fallen in keeping the blog updated, but I am very glad that I do manage to keep track of my photos. It makes is so nice so that when I do find time to update, they are organized and in order for me to go off of. So here it goes.

No harvest season is complete without a family trip to the pumpkin patch or corn maze. This year we grew our own pumpkins in the garden so it was the corn maze for us. We almost didn't make it this year since the weather was not very cooperate. However once it let up for a few hours we darted out and chanced it at our local Foster Farms corn maze. Ellie was tucked up in the baby carrier so no pictures of her but she was there.

The following pictures are of the project I was most excited about for the month of October. I found a lady on our local Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook Page who was remodeling her 8'X10' closet and was giving away all the old shelving for FREE! I knew I had the perfect project to use it for so I jumped on it. It is amazing what Dan and I turned this pile of stuff into.
 I kinda jumped the gun and forgot to take a picture before we had already started demolition but this is our fireplace BEFORE. We knocked out the corners (only to find the left hand side had ducting behind it) and tore off all the ugly pink floral tile around the fireplace. We also took the crown molding down so we could reuse it once everything was all put back together.
 We moved an outlet to be on top of the fireplace so we could plug in our new TV we planned to get once we were done. And we then put up some white bead board for a nice fresh and bright look.
 Once all the bead board was painted the shelving started to take shape. We used the closet shelving I got for free for all the shelves. We also put a big sheet of plywood on top of the fireplace to make the new mantel quite a bit larger.
 we then used a bunch of 1X3 for the trim around the edges to make it look finished. (And just check out my builder! Isn't he cute! Love this man!)
 All ready for some more paint!
 And for my favorite part! The molding on the mantle made it look so elegant. I love the bulky trim. And boy are there a lot of layers of molding that make that baby up. Also check out the new tile I put in. Sure beats that old flowery stuff we used to have! I had fun doing my first real tile installation too.
 and here it is just about complete. We made our own cabinet doors with some nice ply wood and framed them with some molding tacked on with the nail gun.  We finished the edges off with some baseboard molding and ordered another piece of crown molding to go across the top. We also installed brushed nickle handles on each of the doors. It was a lot of work but WE LOVE IT!
 Not to mention I think Dan is pretty happy that he got a new chop saw out of the whole deal. This project was an early Christmas present for the both of us. The kids didn't seem to mind Dad's new toy either. least the box it came in.

Emma had a preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch. I love going on field trips with my babies!  I don't get the chance to go very often but when I do I love it. We had fun going on the hay rides.
 It was a bit windy!
 The part I love most about this pumpkin patch is that its not really a patch. It is put on by the Pland Farm and the pumpkins are all strewn out on the grass. No mud and no clippers required! We are going to miss this place though because this was their last year of business. We are so sad because this place has been a tradition since we've lived here. I've gone there every year to buy my cucumbers and tomato plants, I'd take take the kids there just for a fun outing every once in awhile to feed their giant KOI fish, It has been where the annual 5K Berry Run has taken place and I've participated in, and now no more fun field trips with the kids. We will miss you Plant Farm!
 snack time was pudding and hot cocoa. The lady on the right wearing the Sea Hawks hat is one of Emma's teachers Mrs. Janda. She was consoling the little boy who was not happy to find out he was only allowed to eat one cupcake. :)
 I think Emma's favorite part of the trip was the hay rides. We went twice.

 After picking out our pumpkin we explored the different tractors. I love how little Emma looks on these giant machines.

 Reach Emma Reach! Oh how I am going to miss this stage with her.

Another building project in October was for an 8' long farmhouse table we were asked to build for a previous customer of ours when we made our outdoor cedar benches. It was a fun build and When it was all finished I was almost sad to see it go. I loved the stain on it!
 This is a picture of it with one coat of stain on the top. When the second coat went on, it was gorgeous! I however never got a picture of it and didn't realize it until after the customer came and picked it. Darn.

In between all our  projects and outings I got to cuddle this sweet little bundle! Ellie is such a happy happy baby! I get comments all the time from friends who ask, "does she ever cry?" To that I have to say nope not much. She is happy, and very easy going. She is such a joy to our family!

Halloween Halloween Halloween. What would an October post be without it? This year was such a whirlwind that my plans of always having a theme for the family to go with kinda blew out the window. So instead I let the kids pic costumes from our collection we've accumulated over the years and some from Dan's past as well.  The kids had fun and that's all that matters. 

I made my favorite chili recipe for our annual Halloween party with some friends and then made it again for our ward's chili cookoff at the Trunk-Or-Treat. I may not have won this year but It is still my favorite chili recipe.
 We didn't have a huge turn out for our party but we had 3 couples come. I didn't get a group picture but I got a couple shots of our mummy making contest. The teams had 1 minute to make their best mummy with TP. It was funny to watch and I think they had fun.

 Here's "aunt" Kara. I think she makes an adorable mummy. Don't you?
Naomi Davis, and our own "aunt" Kara May.
 It was a fun little party and we ate some awesome food, Dan had some fun trivia games, and we gave out some good prizes. Definitely one of our favorite traditions.

 Me and Ellie hanging out a little before trick or treat hours.
  I wanted to get a picture of all four of the kids in their costumes so we did one indoors where it was warm and where Kiera could hold Ellie. (Notice the backdrop? Yep I love my new fireplace!)
 Ben and Kara came over again this year to carve pumpkins for Family Home Evening. Dan and I didn't get to carve ours until after they left and kids were in bed since Ellie was hungry and Dan was busy helping Ethan and Kiera cut their own pumpkins this year. They were soo proud and for their first time being the ones handling the knives they did awesome! Ethan's is the far left and Kiera's is right next to his. I helped Emma carve her Bat pumpkin. The two on the right are Ben's creations.
 Here are the 3 older kids all dressed up with their makeup. Emma decided since Kiera and Ethan had face paint she needed some too. So we made up a fun mask to go with her Buzz Lightyear. I actually think it turned out rather cool.
 Kiera got an award at school on Halloween so we got to go to her school assembly that morning. I think this picture is rather fun since she got her award in costume. Go Kiera!

 Her's the family after Dad and the kids got back from trick or treating. You can see Emma's face paint has worn off and Kiera's makeup kind of morphed as the days progressed. Just before trick or treating she begged me to add cheetah spots to her face too. Dan went dressed in his Swiss Infantry Uniform and got to sport his brand new glasses. Yes Dan has glassed now. He finally went to the eye doctor after I bugged him over and over and made the appointment for him. Turns out he has an astigmatism that impairs his vision when it gets dark.  I think he looks rather dashing in them. 
Happy Halloween!

Kiera's Baptism and Ellie's Blessing Day

We waited til September 6th and 7th to have Kiera's baptism and Ellie's Baby blessing so we could do both on one weekend rather than having our company have to travel twice. It also gave this momma a little time to heal before getting out and about again. It was a very special weekend. I am so proud of my little girl and her decision to be baptized. And I am so grateful to have a husband who holds the priesthood to perform these ordinances for our children.

Kiera looked gorgeous in her white dress and so very excited. For her big day Kiera got her very own set of scriptures with a case in her two favorite colors, "blue and white." She also got a CTR ring. Grandma Tutu also gave her a special embroidered baptism towel with her name and baptism date on it.
We did a little photo shoot for her before her big day so that I could have a picture for her announcements and the baptism program. Here are some of our favorites:

This is the card that we sent out to announce her special day.

And this was the program:

We also took some pictures the day of. I wanted to capture as much of this day as possible. This was one proud momma!

Kiera with Bishop Fortin
Kiera I know Heavenly Father is so proud of you and your decision to follow the Savior and be baptized. I too am so proud of you. I hope that you cherish your companionship with the Holy Ghost that you received at you confirmation. He can never steer you wrong. I love you sweetheart.

The next day was Ellie's blessing day. The same family and friends who came to Kiera's baptism were there for Ellie's big day too. We had Ben and Kara May, My mom (Grandma Tutu), My brother Nathan, Dan's brother Steve and his family, and Grandma and Grandpa Glenn. After the blessing we all gathered at the house for a luncheon with a nice roast and scalloped potatoes. It was nice to be able to share and spend the day with them.
Ellie's dress was also made from Shellie's wedding dress. The fabric and lace trimmings that weren't used on Kiera's dress were now used on Ellie's. It turned out just gorgeous and I am so happy I got to use Shellie's special dress to make these treasures for my girls.

Here are some photos from Ellie's special day:

I am truly blessed!