Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Other Christmas Project

We decided to make a rocking horse for the Kids this Christmas. Tonight we cut out the main pieces and just have to cut out the bottom rocking pieces then sand, paint, and decorate. We are excited at how it is coming along. I just know the kids will love it! At least they'd better....I will keep you posted on how it is going and take more pictures as we make more progress on it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Christmas project down

Growing up it was always a tradition to get new Pajamas on Christmas Eve. I want to keep that tradition going and so I made matching pajama pants for Kiera and Ethan. I got the fabric at Wal Mart for about $2.50/yd and the pattern was $2 as well. I used the same pattern for both. I just did Kiera's size first since she was bigger and then was able to use the same pattern for Ethan's. I just cut it down to the smaller size. After I finished sewing them (about 20 minutes each) I rolled them up and tied them with a piece of red satin ribbon for a finishing touch. I almost decided to go cheap and just use some paper gift ribbon; but my loving mommy side got the best of me and I reminded myself that my kids deserve the best! That... and it was left over from making the Christmas dresses. I can't wait for them to wear them and then take of picture of them together!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ethan Locomotion

I got Ethan on video. He's learning to crawl.
Click Here to see Ethan GO!

Precious moments! Precious family!

I thought these were just priceless. I so enjoy the little joys of family life and watching the kids learn and play. When the smile is when I feel that my sometime exhausting job as a mom is worth it all! It makes me so happy to see them happy too.

Look what I found! Ethan started crawling the other day! isn't really crawling. Its more of an army crawl scoot with a roll intermingled. But he's getting there! He also got his front teeth in. He now has a whopping 6 teeth! It is nice though that the teething is on hold for a little bit. He has started sleeping through the night again... awwh so nice....
Cute Smile! Look at those chompers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Capturing the moments

It was Dan's birthday on the 9th and His parents came up for the weekend to celebrate. It was also their wedding anniversary. He received clothes, books, camping gear, and toys. He said "all growing up I asked for remote control toys, and now I get them when I am 26 years old" He got two remote control helicopters and a truck. He was in heaven! He has been practicing piano with the sheet music he got as well. It was fun to watch him get excited.

The kids really loved having Grandma and Grandpa over! Kiera still says "Grandpa home?" She is waiting for them to show up again. Just a couple more weeks and she'll have two sets of grandparents! Everyone is coming to our house for thanksgiving dinner. We are looking forward to that as well.

Here's Dan as he's opening his gifts. What a cute smile!

Ethan had fun with all the wrapping paper. I caught him in the act as he was dragging it down the hallway. That face just says "It wasn't me...I promise" but the evidence clear. Just look at the pile behind him. He dumped the entire box of wrapping paper. Cute cute cute.

Speaking of cute... Kiera is just full of cuteness! She loves having her picture taken now and is starting to pose for them as well. I caught this one the other day while Dan was at work. She's our little princess. I just love her smiles!

I just thought these pictures turned out amazing! I am considering using them as a reference for a charcoal drawing. I love the shadows! They are so adorable as well! Man I love this camera!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our trunk or treat photos are here!

The pictures from our Halloween Trunk or Treat got uploaded to the website and I thought I'd share them with those of you who haven't seen them yet. The top one is of all four of us. You can tell Ethan and Kiera weren't too interested. There was too much to do, and too much candy to be had. We had fun and there is still plenty of candy lying around. I have to keep it hidden from myself or it makes it to my mouth too often.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin Pie Mission

Well I made the pumpkin pie from our jack-o-lanterns on Saturday. Halloween night after the trick or treaters were gone we brought the pumpkins inside and I steamed them, took the skins off and put them in the fridge over night to get rid of the excess water. Then Saturday morning I used my Roma Food Mill and pureed all the pumpkin. It was beautiful! and I was so proud! I made two pies and froze the rest of the pumpkin in 3 cup portions so they were ready for making more pies later on. My plan was to make the pies and then freeze them so that Thanksgiving work would be less, but I can't make pumpkin pie without eating it. It smelled way too good! So I guess it is a good thing I froze the rest.