Tuesday, May 6, 2014

December 2013 Catch Up

Ok I really need to finish up last years posts so I can put my 2013 blog book together. I can't believe it has taken me this long to get around to it. Time has really slipped away from me. Must be pregnancy brain or something.

Anyway, I think to make this easier I am going to sum it all up with pictures and caption the ones that need it and call it good. A picture is worth a thousand words anyway right? So here it goes...

My little helper while putting up the tree while Dad and grandpa put up the lights outside. (Technically it was still November for this but since it was 
for Christmas I thought it would be ok to put it under December.)

 Tree all Done. Went with a red and white theme this year.

 I got a new Camera for Christmas but I HAD to open it early so that I could practice taking pictures with it. I wanted to be sure I knew how to use the settings so once Christmas did come I could take good pictures. Fair excuse right? 
I practiced taking close up shots of some of the ornaments on the tree.

This year we did a weekend getaway at the Lights of Christmas down at Warm Beach Camp near us. But instead of fighting traffic at the end of the night we rented a cabin and stayed overnight. It was so much better! It was nice to have a cabin to retreat from the cold when we wanted and we could put the kids to bed without having to worry about carrying them in from the car once we got home after a long busy night. I think we'll do it again.

We did have our grumpy moments on the trip but for the most part it was pleasant.

We headed indoors for a bit to get a bite to eat and listen to some live music. We got some hotdogs, Ivar's Clam Chowder and a salad to share. But I think next time we'll have to bring more cash. These kids eat A LOT more than they used to. 

Back outside to explore the events

But the best event was to go see Santa and tell him what we wanted for Christmas. We were happy to see him since on our visit the previous year Santa had left to go and care for his reindeer.

We got one decent snow-day this year. We rushed outside just after breakfast to play in it til the rain came. And by 3:00 or so it was all gone.

All the neighborhood kids while sledding down the cul-de-sac driveways. It is amazing how much everyone has grown up since moving here.

Dan helped the kids build a snow-fort. This is it before it was all finished with the roof.

 All crammed inside the fort. What fun!

For Christmas we headed down to Portland to spend the holiday with Dan's parents. We had lots of fun and even stopped in to see Dan's Great-aunt Beth. The kids absolutely love going to see her. But that could be due to all the candy they always get from her :)

Christmas Eve was spent and Dan's Aunt Carol's house. This is a shot of Emma with Lib and Cuz.

 Me and Dan's cousin Paula

Uncle Scott Draper reading the Christmas story 
just like his Dad (Shellie's brother) used to do every year.

 Emma telling secrets to Aunt Carol.

 Dan and his cousin Linda. It is always fun to see her. We used to live next door to her when we were living in Rexburg as college students. Oh the good ol' days!

Christmas Morning!!!!

Later in the day we got to go horseback riding with some of Grandma and Grandpa Glenn's friends. The kids absolutely loved it and still talk about it.  They even each got to take home a horse puzzle and t-shirt. I just thought those little helmets were the cutest things ever! 
Not to mention those happy faces too!

We can't visit Grandma and Grandpa without making a trip to their next door neighbors house to see the goat and chickens.
Overall it was a very nice Christmas break and we made lots of memories. I was sick for most of the trip with a nasty sinus infection and I may have gained a few more pounds on all the yummy food, but no worries now when I am pregnant, I have an excuse right? On to the new year!