Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy Month of August

Kiera Turned 2 on August 17th. We celebrated in Boise along with her great aunt and cousins who also were celebrating their birthdays. We had a potluck BBQ and went swimming afterwards.

Our Trip to Boise was also to celebrate Brittany's cousin's wedding.
Steven and Mary Mitchell chose a very hot day but it was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for them both.

Kiera with her aunt Kayla while waiting for the picture taking to end.

Ethan checking everyone out at the evening reception

A four generation picture of Great-Grandma Thornock (bottom right), Grandma Lazenby(top right), Brittany(top left) and Kiera(bottom left)

This is what our suitcase looked like when we arrived at the Boise airport. It had fallen off the truck and was ran over. Luckily our $400 camera survived inside.

After the BBQ for Kiera's birthday party we went swimming at Caldwell pool. It was Ethan's first time in the water and he loved it.
Kiera didn't have too bad of a time either.

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