Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Fun

We carved our pumpkins tonight. They turned out pretty good. Not as intricate as last years but still good. I went for the classic pumpkin look and added a little detail on the top. Dan carved the word BOO on our little one. After tomorrow's trick or treaters' I plan on making pumpkin pie filling. We'll see how that one goes.

Last night was our ward trunk-or-treat so I thought it would be a good chance to get some pictures before the caous began. Kiera went as a lion and Ethan went as Winnie the Pooh. They were really cute! I decided I wanted to dress up too so I made some wings out of some wire hangers and some knee high nylons that I never wear. They turned out well and when Kiera saw them she had to put them on too so there are a couple of pictures of my little fairy princess whose hair looks like she just got up. Dan went as "something." He wore his grandpa's old leather jacket and one of his old dress hats (the kind that comes in a special hat box). I will try to post some more video and pictures later on as well.

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Glenn Family said...

What cute costumes. The kids look adorable!