Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November! The good and the bad

This week has been FULL of Ups and downs. I feel like I've been on a roller-coaster all month so far. The downs have all been centered around one thing and that is the house we're trying to buy. It seems like once we get through one hoop we have to jump another one and once that is fixed another one shows up. Come on guys! I am supposed to be hosting Thanksgiving this year. It'll be a little difficult if we don't have a house to do it in! Plus, the appliances are already ordered as well as the carpet and laminate! But enough of that...Things will turn out the way they should, I just wish they would happen a bit more on my schedule. Heavenly Father knows what he's doing though so I guess I should have some more patience.

The Ups however have been fun. I was contacted by a nearby Zumba instructor replying to an ad I put up that her boss was looking for another instructor. I politely responded back saying I was interested, but since the ad was placed I was now pregnant and didn't think her boss would be that interested. To my surprise it was no big deal at all! She said that she too taught while pregnant at one point.

Long story short...I met with the boss for a casual "interview/meet and greet" where she said she was excited about me and suggested I attend some of her other instructor's classes. After I did that I was to get back with her and let her know if it was still something I'd like to consider. So I may just be instructing my own Zumba class in the near future! I am way excited.

The other highlights of the month have just been the simple family things. Nothing huge but highlights nonetheless. This past Monday our little family did our weekly FHE. The kids requested making puppets (I must have started something). So I grabbed a couple paper lunch sacks, some googly eyes from my stash, and some simple construction paper. I cut a couple shapes out for the faces and then traced the kid's hands to make the turkey feathers. It was VERY simple but the kids loved it.


Today is also Dan's Birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!

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Sheila said...

yea - your OWN zumba class?!?! Hope flipping fun!!!!