Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I Have Been Working On

I don't feel like I have posted many crafty posts lately and I have been working on a few fun things recently. I have started my Christmas projects and even got hired to make one of my bunk bed playhouses that I posted a long time ago. So before I got too busy I wanted to share one of the things I am planning for the kids this year.

On Thursday I had a hankering to do some artwork. I miss drawing and painting like I used to. It is hard to make time with 3 little ones. But this time I decided to "neglect"  them for a bit and do something fun. But I didn't feel too bad because the kids got to color at the table with me while I worked. And Emma entertained herself with some fruit puffs and a metal bowl and spoon that I gave her.

I have had these "make a plate" kits that I got from my mom and decided to give them a try. I thought it would be fun to give each of the kids their own personalized plate for Christmas. They may have watched me draw them but I think they'll still be surprised when they see them in plate form. Here's how they came out.

I just took a picture of each of them and changed it to black and white using one of the artistic filters in Photoshop, printed them out, and traced them onto the kit circles using the provided markers.

I am sending them off today and can't wait to see the finished product.

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courtney leigh said...

woah ms. super dooper talented!