Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Officially Became a Soccer Mom

This past October (WOW I AM SOO BEHIND!) Kiera and Ethan were signed up to play soccer through our local Boy and Girls Club. It was a lot of fun for them. They got their own soccer cleats, and shin guards, They got their own jerseys and even got Medallions at the end of the season. Emma and I spend many an evening rushing to the soccer fields before dinner time sitting in the rain on our camping chairs and watching the kids practice. And Saturdays were spent watching their games. The kids enjoyed it all and it was good family time activity.

I packed the car with umbrellas, raincoats, snacks and waterbottles, and our trunk permanently became "soccerfied." And ya know I loved it all!

I really enjoy watching my kids play. It doesn't matter if their team wins or looses. What matters is that they try their best and have fun. And there is a certain joy that comes from watching my kids play that I can't really explain. I am just one proud soccermama! I hope they'll want to do it again this next fall.

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