Friday, March 13, 2015

Visit to the Tulips

 This March was much warmer than usual, and with that the flowers were in bloom much earlier. We took our annual trip to the tulip fields and had our family pictures taken. We went with our friends Ben and Kara May. It was fun to see their son Zach walking around enjoying the flowers too. Ben and I did family pictures for each other so we credit the family shots and the couple shots with Dan and I in them to Ben. Thanks a bunch!



Kara, Ben, and Zach, with baby number two on the way

It is so fun to watch these guys grow up together. 

After the tulips we went to our favorite it little stop "The Snowgoose Market." It is where we always go to get giant ice cream cones. It has become a tulip festival tradition for us. I didn't get a picture of it though. I was too busy eating!

After everyone's brain freeze had subsided, Ben and Kara showed us their newly discovered hiking trail. It had a really cool lookout the overlooked the entire valley. We could see the tulip fields where we had just been. It was an awesome view. I am sure we will be returning when we have a bit more time for an actual hike. The kids were not satisfied with our 10 minute stroll through the woods. I think they would have hiked for miles had we let them.

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