Saturday, April 11, 2015

Brittany's Birthday, Easter, and Boise Trip

 For my birthday this year we took a trip to Boise and spent Easter with my mom. It was good to see family. I miss hanging out with my cousins. And now even they are starting to spread out.

It was also general conference while we were there and so we got have our traditional conference breakfast of scones. Yummmm. Isn't conference the best?!

And in particular order here are some pictures I took while we were there.

From right to left: Leighton (Kelsey's daughter), Emma, Ryleigh (Courtney's daughter, and Kiera

Grandma Tutu with Ellie

These girls hit it off so well!

We spent an afternoon at Settler's Park near my mom's house.

We also went bowling with my mom. This is Ellie chillin' out in the stroller

We introduced the kids to my Grandma Thornock's player piano. Here's Ethan pedaling a song on it. They were impressed!

The Kids with Great Grandma Thornock

This was my grandma's first time meeting Ellie. 

Easter Morning. The kids had to search Grandma's house for their baskets that the Easter bunny had hidden for them.

After the sessions of general conference we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for some Easter "dinner/lunch" and an Easter Egg hunt with all the cousins. Aren't they the cutest bunch of kids?!

Not everyone was present. But from right to left is: Kiera, Ethan, Addy, Emma, Leighton (Kelsey's daughter), Ryleigh (Courtney's daughter), and Roman (Courtney's son)

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Kayla Bosen said...

I love the one of Ethan and Nathan! And of all the kids with grandma.