Saturday, February 14, 2015

January and February crazies!

I am so very very far behind on my blog. I figured if I didn't get started on catching up, this entire year would go by unnoticed. I have lots to catch up on so lets get to it.

January sadly slipped by unoticed (at least by the real camera). I did however catch a few things with my camera phone.
I finished my first real crochet project. I intended to make it to give away but quickly fell in love with it and ended up having to make 2 so I could keep one of them. I love the hood on in!

Dan is still the Cub Master in our ward and with that comes a lot of extra projects. January was their pinewood derby so we ended up making the trophies. They turned out pretty cute.

We tried a new hairdo for Blue Friday (Sea Hawk spirit). It is much easier than it looks.

January was also busy due to my calling in Young Women's. January was the month we prepped and planned our activity for the beginning of February.

The young women had their New Beginnings “Embark on a Journey” on February 4th.  It was a night to welcome the incoming girls into the Young Women’s program. It was a great night with a cruise ship theme. We had our “Captain” Sister Ina Hjort who is our personal progress leader all dressed up in her captains hat, we had our “activities director” Sister Sherri Woodson who is our ward camp director all dressed up in her hiking gear, sun hat and boots. We are so excited to have her on board for camp this year! Our Advisors Roxane Colburn, Nicole Martinsen, and Kathy Fortin were our “safety crew” dressed in their neon orange and green safety vests. And our presidency Andrea Williams, Sheila Sisney, Kristi Hoover and Brittany Glenn were the cruise ships “concierges” dressed in their white shirts and black slacks.   We really do have the best crew ever.
That night we were privileged to hear from some of our graduating Laurels who bore their amazing testimonies on how being in the Young Women’s program has strengthened them.  They did an awesome job.  We love our girls! All of them!

As the girls "boarded" the ship they were greeted by the concierge and taken to a photo booth to have their picture taken with their parents before the cruise set sail.  

Our awesome camp director Sherri Woodson went all out with her attire.

Our Personal Progress leader and "captain" Ina Hjort

We ended the night with some complimentary popcorn and punch. We got the cute little boxes and decorations from the oriental trading company. They were really cute! 

I also caught a few more things for February on my camera phone:
Ethan lost another tooth! He's going to be singing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth for awhile. Although I am sure he'll have them both again before Christmas comes around.

Ellie got her first tooth in on February 6th!

I started a new crochet project. This one is for my bestie Marie O'Neil who is in Germany right now. She is expecting a little boy. I really love this pattern and I just might have to make an adult sized one for myself later on.

Woo Hoo! We set a new record on February 18th. Ellie fell asleep at 11:30 pm. We usually don't make it to bed until well after midnight.  Just a few more hours to bump her up and we'll be set!

One thing I love about my babies at this age is the early morning snuggles in bed. Ellie wakes up so happy. You just can't help but start the day off happy too when you wake up to this face.

These two rarely sleep apart. We've been trying to get Emma to sleep on her own bed but to no avail. Every time we go in to check on them before we head to bed, this is what we find. But this is what sisters are for!


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