Monday, August 31, 2015

BUSY August Family Fun

Dan and I have started a new business of sorts. I host a craft night at my house once a month and invite people from the community over. We're hoping it works out and can be a way for us to earn a little extra spending money. We'd like to save up for another trip to Disney Land in the near future. Here are some pics of the Card Making Kits I did for my first night. The first pic is of the example cards I made up and the second is of the "kits" where I pre-cut all the paper and keep them together in sets. When the people come over to the house they can embellish them with brads, flowers, stickers, stamps etc.

I just loved this moment I caught as I walked in the door one night. Daddy and Ellie playing the piano together.

Another one of our craft nights kits all ready for our September Craft Night event. We are making it a Parent/child night and this is the example one we made up. All the pieces will be pre-assembled except for the flower, roof trim and circular door trim. After they are painted we will attach the pieces with a nail gun . I modeled my bird house after a ceramic one that Shellie has. I just loved the paint job on it so much that I decided to recreate it in wood.   

The garden has been doing very well with all the heat we've been having. The tomatoes have especially been doing very well. I get a bowl full ever couple days or so. 

August is a busy month for us! We have two birthdays and our Anniversary this month! This year marks Dan and I's 10th wedding anniversary. I am so grateful this man came into my life! I couldn't have asked for a better companion! He is my best friend and I would be lost without him. 

We received some new bedding from my sister Kayla for an anniversary present. Thanks Kayla we haven't bought new bedding for ourselves for 10 years!

 Kiera (turned 9) and Ellie (turned 1) Shared a birthday party this year. I am sure as the girls get older they will prefer to have their OWN day to celebrate but for now sharing is just fine. Kiera requested a Mario Cart themed b-day cake. I had one difficult time locating figures to go on the cake but finally found some at Fred Myers. I think I spent twice as much on the figures as I did on the cake itself! Oh well. It sure turned out cute.

Kiera got her very first sewing machine!

Kiera was very adamant all year about wanting roller blades and she finally got her wish! She gave them a go as soon as her party was over. And within two days she was a pro!

Ellie is still my little cuddle bug. She is still very curious and enjoys exploring but she is most content when she is with mommy. So in order so save my back and arms a bit we've been putting the Mei Tai carrier to good use lately. She is often strapped on while Dan and I work on projects in the garage.

We also went on a camping trip to Deception Pass with Bob and Shellie on our anniversary. Not what most couples view as a romantic getaway celebration but we had fun nonetheless. We went to Fort Casey and looked at all the batteries there.

Kiera with her two sidekicks while exploring the batteries. She got the frog T-shirt from them too as a late birthday gift during our camping trip.

 Thank you Shellie for taking this family photo for us on our trip. We'll be using it for our Christmas card this year. 

Here's some more fun pictures from our Deception Pass camping trip.

The garden has been loving the warm weather and I can also say I have too! Just check out these yummies!

My little sister Kayla is due with her second baby girl in September so I decided to make her a baby blessing gown using the same material from my mother in law's wedding dress that I used back when I make Kiera's baptism dress. It turned out soo cute! I can't wait to go visit!

A little something I drew for my sister's Mother-in-law. She was working on something for the Young Women in her ward and wanted something with an "infinity" knot in it. I found a few images online and combined the two in this drawing. I hung it by our front door for a few weeks as a nice reminder.  
We had some crazy summer storms this year. One storm in particular did a lot of damage. The wind blew down lots of trees and fences in and around town. We also lost power for about 12 hours. We didn't suffer much. I just worried about the meat in our freezer for awhile.

We enjoyed a candle lit dinner that night as well. Nights like this are always a hit with the kids. We ended up going out and purchasing a standing two burner propane Camp Chef stove. We bought it in case we were going to be without power for much longer and would need to cook and can the meat in the freezer. Luckily that never happened and the power came back on but it ended up being a timely purchase because I am going to be up to my ears in canning for the next little while with the produce from the garden.

Ethan got a haircut like he does every month or so but he wanted to have "spike-able" hair in the front. I think we did a pretty good job for an amateur hairdresser.

We're in full swing of prepping for back to school here in the Glenn house. One of those necessities for the new school year is the purchase of new shoes for everyone. I loved that time of year of new clothes and shoes growing up and am happy my kids also enjoy it. But in this house we take it one step further...THIS is what happens every time we bring new shoes home. I love that my kids are growing up in a creative household :)

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