Monday, September 7, 2015

More September Fun! And SISTER TIME!

Check out all the onions I got out of the garden this year! Here they are curing and drying before I trim the green stocks off. So excited to be using these all winter long.

yes we're crazy

I found this one night when checking in on Ethan. He was playing house with his tigers. I think baby tiger was put on timeout.

Gettin' my hairs done! I decided to go with some fun red for the Fall.

Loving how my hair turned out!
 After dropping Emma off at preschool I took Ellie for a bike ride with my friend Lauren. She was training for the 'Tour de Pink' bike race (Lauren is a breast cancer survivor!) and I was there to push her along the way. We got a good run in and I was exhausted by the time we were done. Pulling a baby in the bike trailer is hard work! I think it should count as double the miles!

From the looks of this back seat can you guess where I went? I went to visit my SISTER!!! She's living in Washington, Utah right now in her in-law's basement apartment. It was sooo good to see her. I found babysitters for the kids for when they got off school until Dan got off work and flew with Ellie to stay with her for a few days. I got to go take newborn pictures and be there for my new niece's baby blessing. Her name is Brynlee, and she is beautiful!

Drove past the temple on our way to lunch. Beautiful!

Out for a lunch date!

This is a picture of the street she is living on. What a climate change! The sun was amazing and incredibly HOT!
 With the awesome weather we took the girls out to the local splash park before it got too hot. It was a perfect day for it and the water was perfect for the girls to sit and play in.

Alexis was so fun to take pictures of. she has the cheesiest smile when she knows you're taking her picture. Love it!

What a goofball! Alexis you're so stinkin' cute!
Ellie meeting her cousin.

Cousin time on the I-pad before Kayla woke up so she could sleep a little bit with baby.
 One of my favorite parts of the trip was taking this little beauties newborn pics! We spent the entire day taking pictures and taking more pictures. I couldn't wait to take them home to work some more magic on them.


Nothing beats sister time in the back seat! It was sooo hot but I wouldn't trade the time with my sister for anything! I love you Kayla!
 A few days after I showed up my mom joined us. It has been awhile since all three of us shared a bathroom mirror. By the way mom! You rock those hot rollers!

Out for late breakfast. 
My brother Tyler and his wife Lacie came up with their two boys for Brynlee's baby blessing. This is a shot of Grandma Tutu with her grandbabies.

When I got home I had more canning waiting for me. I picked up some apples for free at a local park and canned applesauce like crazy. My kids go through at least a quart in one sitting every time we open one up so we have to have a lot of it around. 

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