Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Shenanigans

The Fall has arrived. The leaves on the neighborhood trees have decided to dump all at once. On a Saturday afternoon that was surprisingly warmer than normal we took to cleaning up the yard but before packing the leaves away I wanted to take the opportunity to take some pictures of the kids in them.

For one of Emma's preschool Homework assignments she had to make a scarecrow. So for Family Night we all got together and made this lil guy. Emma picked the scrapbook papers and colors and the kids took turn on what piece to assemble. We made it using some left over backer board from the garage and some spray adhesive and hot glue gun. I thought it turned out rather adorable!
 Emma also had a preschool field trip to the local pumpkin patch. This will be the last field trip I take to the pumpkin patch for a few years. I'll have to wait til Ellie is old enough for preschool. Kind of a sad realization I just had. They are growing up.

Here we are going for a hayride to the field to pick out the perfect Emma sized pumpkin.

She found it!

We had to take picture in every hole there was. But her favorite was the horse.

We even got to feed the animals carrots. Emma wasn't quite sure about it but she finally got up the courage to hand the carrot to this lamb. But boy did that animal have to stretch for it!

There is never a dull moment with my little red headed Ellie. Even a trip to Costco is entertaining. She took my Costco Membership card from me after I showed it to the person at the door and used it as her telephone for the remainder of our shopping trip. 

The leaves just keep on falling. We spent another evening with the kids raking and picking up leaves. We even got all the neighborhood kids to join in and turned it into a service project. We cleaned every yard in cul de sac.

All the happy helpers at work

And the best part of October finally arrived. Halloween! Here are all the kids dressed up for our ward Trunk-or-Treat activity. I went as Lucille Ball from "I Love Lucy" and Dan went as my #1 fan.

Just a few days later my brother came up for a surprise visit and he and Dan took the kids and one of Kiera's best friends (Shelby) along for Halloween night trick-or-treating.

Me and my brother Nathan. Was fun to visit with him.

Here are just a few random Shenanigans from October as well.
Our Glenn Family Crafting business continues to grow and do well. In October we made Family B-day Calendars, and for November we plan on making hurricane lanterns. And then in December we plan on doing a canvas painting class where I will be teaching people how to paint the Santa Canvas that I did in the next photograph.  I love having a craft night every month at the house. It is a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people in our community. 

Aside from the business keeping me busy I also have a little someone who also keeps me on my toes.
Ellie stays busy these days keeping mommy busy with the trails of books she scatters over the house. Emptying the bookshelf has become a daily ritual for her.

Here is what my mantle looks like this month. I love having one to dress up with the changing seasons.

Ellie isn't the only one getting into mischief these days either. In fact I am sure she picked it up from her sister Emma. This is a picture of the two of them emptying the towel and bib drawer in the kitchen. Making a mess is so much more fun with two isn't it?

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