Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Capturing the moments

It was Dan's birthday on the 9th and His parents came up for the weekend to celebrate. It was also their wedding anniversary. He received clothes, books, camping gear, and toys. He said "all growing up I asked for remote control toys, and now I get them when I am 26 years old" He got two remote control helicopters and a truck. He was in heaven! He has been practicing piano with the sheet music he got as well. It was fun to watch him get excited.

The kids really loved having Grandma and Grandpa over! Kiera still says "Grandpa home?" She is waiting for them to show up again. Just a couple more weeks and she'll have two sets of grandparents! Everyone is coming to our house for thanksgiving dinner. We are looking forward to that as well.

Here's Dan as he's opening his gifts. What a cute smile!

Ethan had fun with all the wrapping paper. I caught him in the act as he was dragging it down the hallway. That face just says "It wasn't me...I promise" but the evidence clear. Just look at the pile behind him. He dumped the entire box of wrapping paper. Cute cute cute.

Speaking of cute... Kiera is just full of cuteness! She loves having her picture taken now and is starting to pose for them as well. I caught this one the other day while Dan was at work. She's our little princess. I just love her smiles!

I just thought these pictures turned out amazing! I am considering using them as a reference for a charcoal drawing. I love the shadows! They are so adorable as well! Man I love this camera!

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