Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Christmas project down

Growing up it was always a tradition to get new Pajamas on Christmas Eve. I want to keep that tradition going and so I made matching pajama pants for Kiera and Ethan. I got the fabric at Wal Mart for about $2.50/yd and the pattern was $2 as well. I used the same pattern for both. I just did Kiera's size first since she was bigger and then was able to use the same pattern for Ethan's. I just cut it down to the smaller size. After I finished sewing them (about 20 minutes each) I rolled them up and tied them with a piece of red satin ribbon for a finishing touch. I almost decided to go cheap and just use some paper gift ribbon; but my loving mommy side got the best of me and I reminded myself that my kids deserve the best! That... and it was left over from making the Christmas dresses. I can't wait for them to wear them and then take of picture of them together!

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