Saturday, May 16, 2009

When does the mess end?

Messy, messy, messy. When does the mess end? How is it that whenever you get your kids all cleaned up and ready to go, or you just finish picking up the last toy in the living room is when they decide to get their messiest? Why is that? I sometimes feel like Mr. Incredible when he said, "I feel like the maid, I just cleaned up this mess. Can we keep it clean for 10 minutes?!" I love my children and I love being a mom. I wouldn't trade it for anything else but I would like to have a day where my hard work remains noticeable for at least 12 hours. I would like a day where I could check everything off my list and step back and sigh with a sense of completeness. A day when I could truly say all the chores are done and the rest of the day I'm free to play. Oh well, I guess I just have to continue to laugh about it and instead of getting upset ,take a picture so I can remember these messy moments. They won't be around forever and maybe one day I will start to miss the mess.


Anonymous said...

Ethan is so messy! I can't believe. I don't think I ever let Clayton get that messy. Maybe he will when this little one comes!

Josh, Shauna, Allison, Brynlee said...

Those pictures are awesome!!!! He is so happy. Good job allowing him to get messy, it is so worth it to see that adorable face with pure joy written all over it. You are right all too soon the messes will be gone so we definately need to enjoy every second of it! My mom put every one of her kids in the tub with red vine licorice just so she could take a picture of the mess. :)

Mom said...

Just wait--you'll blink and they'll be graduating from high school. When you are searching for that feeling of "completeness" just look in your babies' eyes and have them tell you they love you. Enlist the help of everyone just before bedtime, so at least it will be done when you wake up in the morning and you won't begin the day feeling overwhelmed. You're doing a great job!

Je t'aime,

Anonymous said...

I know--when you get a room clean, quickly snap a photo and put it on your screen saver. Then you can be reminded of what you really did accomplish.