Thursday, February 11, 2010

Craft Room Peg Board

I have the bestest husband in the world! He does things for me just to make me happy. We have been working on a lot of different projects lately. After just finishing the bankable bookshelf we built a poster frame for the Toy Story poster the kid's got for Christmas, started work on the bunk beds (post on that coming soon), worked on a little something we have planned for Christmas (yes we are starting early), and lastly my craft room peg board!

I love love love how it turned out! Dan picked up a sheet of white peg board at our favorite toy store (Home Depot). We used the entire sheet; it was the perfect fit for the space we had planned. Then we took some left over oak that Dan had inherited from a friend and ripped it on the table saw to make a skinny frame around it. We then ran it through the table saw again a couple times with the blade set around 1/2 inch to make a slot for the peg board to slide into and then routered the edges. To finish we screwed the frame together at the corners on the back. I had originally planned on painting the frame black but it looked good the way it was, and the color matches the door frame. Yea!

I got a set of hooks at WalMart for really cheap. All the hooks you see cost me only $8. Not bad. I love that I can put my own set of tools up and not have to scrounge around in the garage anymore! Doesn't it look great? I've put more up since but couldn't wait to show you.
Did you notice the funnest part? The light switch even has its own frame and is now part of the pegboard! How cool is that? Thank you honey! You're the best!

Here's a preview of our next project...

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Jane said...

Awesome! You are the Julia Childs of crafting now.