Friday, February 19, 2010

Oak Poster Frame

I don't think I ever got around to showing you all the picture frame I made to go along with the orange bankable bookshelf that we built. It is now hanging proudly in the kid's room. And yes I know it is crooked. I did that on purpose. I made it all myself too!
I ripped some oak boards on the table saw (which was pretty scary BTW). Then I screwed the corners together with some countersunk screws. We have a really nifty tool too. It is a frame clamp. It holds the wood at a perfect 90 degree angle while you fasten the boards together. It worked great. I then puttied over the screws, sanded and did a light coat of the orange paint to give it more of a orange stain look. I love it! The poster is actually hung with some sticky tack and the frame is sitting on top of it hanging from some sawtooth hooks. Now it is easy peasy to switch out the poster if need be.

And here is the bookshelf all filled up with toys and books. Although it probably doesn't look like this anymore. The toys are now on the floor. Now if I could get the kids to stop using the shelf as a ladder...!

The bunk-beds are in the works right now. They look amazing so far! The footboards and head boards are all put together. The mattress frames are assembled and we are now working on the ladder and side rails. I can't wait to paint it. I was originally going to go with sort of an aqua greenish color but was outvoted. It's gonna be a darker red! Orange and red go with Woody and Buzz don't they?


Sheila said...

OH MY!! I'm JEALOUS of your poster frame - you did AWESOME!!! I like the bookcase too!

The Mothership said...

that looks great! I'm excited to see the finished beds. Good job!

Mom said...

Where are the canvas bins?

Glenn Family said...

Brittany, they look great!!!