Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday.

I absolutely love where I am right now. There's no need for me to expand and progress. I am always doing things for others. Do I need some time for me? Nope not me.

I am perfectly content living here in gray, wet, northern Washington. I enjoy the sound of rain constantly beating against the windows. I don't need sunshine. Nope not me.

I don't need a clean and clutter free home. Nope I am just fine with the piles of laundry and toys scattered about in an array of shapes and colors. I don't mind stubbing my toe or bruising my foot on the kid's collection of blocks. Nope not me.

I love the feeling of air bursting from my lungs time and time again. What a joyous sound. I don't need to make an appointment to the doctor. Nope not me.

Really and truly I am not complaining. I have what I need. I have two wonderful children who love me and see me as someone great. I have a husband who loves and cherishes me, and lets me know it. Even with my being sick these past two weeks and the house is in disarray and my spirits are somewhat dim they still love me! I won't forget that ever! Nope not me!

I have learned that no matter what the challenge there could always be a bigger one. Life's trenches won't be deep for very long. At times it seems the trench stretches on for ever and that there is no hope of getting out. But little by little I am thrown a rock to stand on building my way up. Not too long and I will be out of the trench able to look back as see that the entire time I was part of the landscape.


Lisa said...

Great outlook on life!
I love the slide pictures, especially the "slide" hair :-)
Stopping by from MckMama!

Mindy said...

So great to come and get to know you! Stopping by from MckMama and I love your post (and others I've been browsing on your blog). Such a fun day at the park! Hope you are feeling better very soon!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I'm sure we'll have some sunshine soon!

Liz said...

Your kids are darling! Keep doing what you're doing, momma!

Kara Lohberg said...

I hope you start feeling better! Your kids are adorable! I miss sitting near you guys in church.

Anne said...

Brit as always you inspire me. You are an incredible friend. I sure love you.

Love, Anne

Angie said...

Love this post! Stopping by from New Friend Friday.