Monday, June 27, 2011

Strawberry Pickin' and Farm Community Entertainment! Gotta Love!

This past weekend was really fun! On Saturday we decided to go to the Biringer's Strawberry Farm and pick berries. The strawberry growing season has been really slow this year due to the weather but  the berries are finally ripening. We loaded everyone up and went. I wore Emma on my back in the hiking pack where she dosed off within the first two minutes of walking. I love this tradition we've started of going berry picking! The berries may not have been their best but it still is fun. And of course the kid's favorite part is eating while you pick. Once we told them they could taste the berries our help in filling up the flat boxes stopped.

This year they had a little trolly (a seated trailer pulled behind a giant tractor) that would pick you up and drop you off at the barn so you didn't have to walk all the way back with your full berry flats. It was really neat and the kids loved it.
The kids also enjoyed climbing up into their Berry-Go-Round. We didn't get to see it in motion but I am sure one of these trips we will.
We bought a little over 9 lbs of strawberries for $16.00. They're yummy, fresh off the vines and well worth the memories!

We also stopped by a little plant nursery that is just across the street from the berry farm and had a mini field trip there. They had a few animals to look at that you could feed carrots to and a little hay maze. It was great fun.

My favorite part of this trip though would probably have to be their goat. Check this out!


Anonymous said...

That goat is really funny/amazing/oddly entertaining! We might just have to go berry picking soon!

mom Shellie said...

I loved the goat as well! What great fun! That is a great memory.
Luv to you all.