Friday, January 6, 2012

wood+screws+duct tape+cardboard=?

What do you get when you take some scrap wood, duct tape, a few screws and a cardboard box?

Snowshoes of course!!
I have been itchin' to play in the snow but we still don't have ANY! Yesterday I decided to take matters in my own hands and am planning on taking the family up where there is some. I'd love to give the kids the experience of snowshoeing and finally decided to go for it when I saw a friend's blog and how she spent a lot of her Christmas vacation. All her boys had their own snowshoes too. I however was not about to spend that kind of money. Those things are expensive! So why not DIY? I googled DIY snowshoes and saw a TON of ideas. The one that got me going was one I found here. When soaking a couple branches in my hot bathtub resulted in two broken sticks I had to come up with something else. So I winged it and made two wooden frames with some scrap wood from the garage. (little did I know I was using some of Dan's hard wood maple, ooops!) Oh well they should last longer that way right? I have 3 more pairs to go. Wish me luck. I think the next pair I will try using some fun duct tape and maybe jazzing the gray pair up with some color too.


Courtney said...

oh my day i'll be as creative as you.

The Mothership said...

wow that's awesome! Good luck and I really hope they work for you! :)