Friday, April 20, 2012

Trying to Kick the Grubby Blah Vibe Today

Today is no special occasion, nor do I plan on leaving the house before 6:30 or 7:00 tonight (other than my usual walk down to the end of the street to pick Kiera up from the bus). But today I was feeling grubby, bored, and just plain blah. I have lots I could be doing, don't get me wrong but I can only take so much cleaning at once, I would love a day to sit and chat and craft but when most of my friends are in the same boat with little ones it gets hard to schedule play days when everyone is feeling healthy. In fact I am sporting a cold of my own right now. Phooey!

So to try and kick the blah vibe I decided to put in a little more effort on hair, make-up, and accessories than I usually do. In fact I was happy I did because I ended up having to sew my belt in another 2 inches! That is 3 inches total since I bought it in early March! WOOT WOOT!

The kids were taking naps while I was doing this so I decided why not take some self portraits while I was at it. I set my camera on the 10 sec timer and went back and forth from where I was to the camera to check on placement and things.  It was kind of fun and I got some cute shots out of it. Here are a few favorites.

 I think I over photoshopped this one but I was so excited about my belt shrinkage that I had to make it look like I was glowing. I'm a dork I know..

What do you do to chase those blahs away?

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Tina Crowther said...

Not much... I could take a lesson from you. Usually I just let the blahs infest me... not healthy huh? Note to self- dress up and take self portraits! Even dorky ones! ;)