Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BBQ Pizza And Father's Day Fail

So my husband is a snoop when it comes time for receiving gifts. And I should have learned my lesson with him by now, but I continue to try and be prepared and shop for gifts in advance. Maybe I will do better next year and wait til the week of before thinking of shopping for Father's Day gifts. So needless to say I didn't feel bad pulling out and putting the thing I had intended for Father's Day to use Monday night. He knows he's getting it so why not use it now right?

So Monday's dinner was Chicken Bacon Ranch BBQ pizza. And yes we cooked it in the BBQ! It was awesome! I bought the pan from Pampered Chef a few months ago and I guess my hiding spot wasn't clever enough. I thought that if I put it in the cookie sheet cupboard it would be disguised and Dan wouldn't even notice its existence. Well, I was wrong...

But the Pizza was wonderful!
Oh and just so you know how impossible it is to keep a secret from Dan. I even tried going out and getting something else just so he'd have something surprising to open. But he knows what that gift is now too! He got that one out of the kids! But at least he doesn't know where it is. Will I ever surprise this man? However, I refuse to buy anything else this year.

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Glenn Family said...

Looks amazing! We had something similar for dinner on Tuesday. Minus cooking it over the BBQ.