Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas Jumble #1

Ok so I'm not doing so well with catching this blog up from Christmas and New Years. So today I decided I am going to do a Christmas Jumble. I'm not sure exactly what that'll consist of but we'll give it a go.

We went to the Lights of Christmas for a family night in Early December. It was the second time we've gone and it has become a family tradition. We go to see the talking Christmas tree, eat cinnamon glazed almonds, elephant ears, and chili dogs. The kids also go to see Santa this time. Last year Santa was "out Feeding the Reindeer" so we didn't get so see him. Clad we got to this time even if Emma didn't want anything to do with him.

 Another tradition we have is writing our letters to Santa. We love our little town because they set up a mailbox specifically for letters to the North Pole. And the kids receive a response letter too! It is so fun!
Ethan with his letter
Ethan mailing it to Santa

Kiera with her letter
Kiera mailing hers to Santa
Our little group of excited kiddos. Emma doesn't look that excited I know. We should have had her do one this year too.

In between festivities the kids had fun getting into the playclothes. After Halloween each year their costumes (most of them anyway) get put into the bin of playclothes so that they can be worn more than just the one night of Halloween. I even purchase clearanced costumes on occasion just to add to their collection.
On this particular day Emma and Ethan were lions, and Kiera was Snow White. I love that my kids play together well and use their imaginations. Not having a TV or Netflicks etc can be rough sometimes but its things like this that make it worth it.


 Another Christmas Jumble Post Coming soon. I just have to go through all the photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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