Monday, August 5, 2013

Garden Success

A couple weeks ago after getting home from teaching my Zumba class. I went out back to check on the garden. It had been awhile since I had done anything out there beside water. And look what I found!
And that was only a fraction of it. I went and picked some more after this picture was taken and there is still quite a bit left in the garden.

We've also been enjoying the occasional tomato and a plethora of cucumbers. I am really enjoying my afternoon snacks. Don't these look yummy?!

Also the weather has treated us VERY well this summer. It has been a very unusual summer for our area but I am not complaining. I love that the kids can go play outside and stay active pretty much everyday all day and they only come in for the occasional snack or drink. We also have our stash of popcicles to keep everyone happy.

Last night I glanced out the window to find Emma sitting in the firepit pretending to "cook" dinner with the pea gravel on our boulder seats. She also had a winter hat on from when the kids were playing dress up and "house" on the back deck. I thought she looked rather cute!

Well I am off to enjoy me an hour and a half of Boot Camp and Zumba! 

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