Sunday, August 25, 2013

Colorado Trip and Photo Session of my New Niece

This past week was a special week. First off, it was my Anniversary on the 20th. I've been married 8 years to the best husband ever. Happy Anniversary sweetheart! Eternity to go!

Not only was it my anniversary but it was also the week of my "momcation" in Colorado. Nothing like spending your anniversary hundreds of miles away from your hubby right? That wasn't my favorite but it was my husbands gift to me. I mean, I got to spend a whole 5 days without my kids! I love my 3 children dearly I really do but it was soooo nice to get away!

I went to help my little sister with her 2 week old baby girl Alexis Michelle Bosen. She was absolutely gorgeous and the most precious thing you've ever seen. I was there to do whatever my sister wanted/needed of me. I cleaned, cooked, changed diapers, stayed up at night with baby so my sister could sleep a couple extra hours, decorated the nursery, showed my sister how to use her new sewing machine, made baby headbands, went grocery shopping, went for walks, saw a movie, took pictures, and just hung out with my sister (that was probably my favorite part). But a close second was probably taking tons and tons of pictures of sweet little Alexis. We even got one of the pictures I took printed in black and white in one of Staples engineer prints. It was huge! We also got some insulation foam from Home Depot and made a "photo canvas" for the nursery. It was awesome!  We glued purple satin ribbon around the edges of the foam to finish it off. The purple matches a lamp we picked up at a yard sale that goes perfect with the quilt I made her. It's a work in progress but pretty cute so far!

But the best photos came later here are some few of my favorites...Honestly I love them all!

 I couldn't decide between color or BW

I think I've found a new hobby!


Tina Crowther said...

My boys like the one with Benji's glasses, and the last one! I LOVE the one in the basket with the flowers. So precious! Sounds like a fun trip!!!

Mom said...

Thanks for sharing! Makes the distance a little bit more bearable.