Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Catch Up #1

It is now the end of September and I haven't written a single thing about what has been going on here at the Glenn's since August! What a slacker I have been. . . Actually I have been plenty busy.Just see for yourself.

Just before school started we took the opportunity for one last hurrah, and took a trip to the zoo. It was a lot of fun not only because the kids loved it but because daddy got to go with us this time! We have missed him a lot this year. His job has been keeping him from us. (but hopefully that will change here in the near future, he has put in for a transfer back to the Marysville facility where we hope the hours and stress will be at a more reasonable level. We're just waiting for the formalities of the job interviews and the ok to transfer from his current boss. Keep us in your prayers.).

School started and now this little guy is in Kindergarten! He goes every Monday and Wednesday and also every other Friday. It is an odd schedule but that's how they do it here. He gets to ride the bus with his sister and loves it. I thought I was going to loose it and cry those mommy tears when he got on the bus for the first time but I actually did pretty well. I think both he and I were ready. 
He loves his teacher Ms. Johnson and I think they will be a good pair. It is her first time teaching but I am sure she'll be great. Her mom is also a teacher at the school.

 Ethan has always been one to love his food and one of his most favorite things about Kindergarten is taking his lunch box to school. He almost always prefers taking cold lunch verses the school's "hot" lunch. I am not quite sure whether it's because he likes my peanut butter and honey sandwiches or his Lightning McQueen lunch box. Either way it makes me smile.

 This gorgeous girl is in the 1st grade! She is learning so much and is now in the Accelerated Reader program where her reading skills have improved and she is now learning and memorizing spelling words/lists. I tested her this morning before school and she aced it!

Her teacher this year is Mrs. Stringer who has been with the school for a very long time. She is the type of teacher who has middle school and high school aged kids who come and visit just because they love her. I was impressed when I met her at the back-to-school night as well.

When taking our back-to-school pictures I was able to get this shot of all the kids. I love it! It is now on a canvas sitting on the piano. These kids make my world go 'round.

I was also able to get a lot of canning done this year. I didn't do quite as much as last year since we still have a lot left over from previous years but I did do my fair share. I didn't get pictures of everything but I did peaches, pears, pickles, salsa, and pear jam. I will be canning more chicken in October too.

So you see I really have been busy. This is not all. 
I have some more projects to post about so check back soon.

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