Friday, June 5, 2015

School's out and we're having fun!

Over Memorial Day Weekend my Aunt Judi sent me home with a bunch of plants and flowers from her yard. And when I say a bunch I mean a ton! We filled up the back of the van and I didn't know if we'd be able to fit all our luggage but we somehow managed. So when I got home I planted a bunch of the pots on my deck. I still have lots of bulbs and flowers to find homes for but for now I am enjoying the view of my back deck.

We found a new toy for Ellie

This girl loves bananas!

My strawberries have been needing to be thinned out and I have had this strawberry planter for a long time now. I think I've had it since we lived in Marysville, but I don't really care for how it looks. It's faded and worn out looking. So today I decided to give it a makeover with some spray paint specifically made for plastics.  It was left over from when I made over the kid's playground pirate steering wheel.

 A few coats later and wha la!

Much better! Now I just hope the strawberries roots will take to their new home and will survive for next year.

It has been really hot lately! So to beat the heat we bought a new kiddie pool for the kids. We put it on our back deck on top of our interlocking foam mats in hopes it will prevent any holes appearing. Here's Emma filling 'er up and ready to get in.

aw much better!
Ellie had to check it out too. She doesn't care to get her feet wet but likes to touch it with her fingers. Here Kiera is showing Ellie how to splash.

Ellie and I went out to get the mail and I couldn't help but take a picture of this cutie! She really likes to be held during the day as of late. I am just glad to have my baby carrier.

Just some good morning smiles to brighten anyone's day

Kiera had a bit of an accident at a friends' house recently. She was running and fell and tried catching herself, but by doing so, she injured her left wrist. They doctors don't see a break on the x-rays but after a week in the splint they decided to be on the safe side and casted anyways. It was still hurting around the area of the growth plate. 
  But nothing that a blue cast with sparkles even can't fix!

we're just happy the doctor said she should be able to get out of the cast a week before we have to leave for the beach for the Glenn Family Reunion. I'm relieved because trying to keep this kid out of the sand and ocean water would have been next to impossible. Welcome to summer!

The garden is coming along. We even got some free cedar chips from someone I found on the Arlington Buy/sell/trade FB page. I am hoping it cuts down on the weeds in the garden beds. Now if only I could keep the cats out of them too!

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