Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cub Scout Bike Rodeo

Dan has sure been busy with Cub Scouts lately. He takes pride in his calling as the Cub Master and for every pack meeting it seems he takes out all the stops to make the activity a success. The Bike Rodeo was no exception. As a Cub Master's wife comes the automatic assumption that I am his secretary. Lets face it! I am! so I too have been really busy with cub scouts. Ive been making posters, designing racing numbers, and helping with the planning too. But Dan really is the brains behind it all. I just give input and throw in an idea or two when he needs it.

The day of the rodeo the weather was perfect. It could have been a tinge cooler but we're not complaining. We didn't have ALL the scouts show up but that's to be expected since summer break had just started and some families were out of town. But overall it was great.

We set up the church parking lot with all the stations and roped off a "free ride" area to keep the kids in order and prevent them from running over each other. We also drew obstacles with sidewalk chalk for the different tasks the kids had to complete. The leaders and a few of our older Boy Scouts were there to help too. The kids had so much fun and that's what counts! 

This little girl hung out with me under the pop up canopy in the shade while we waited to help daddy pack things back up after it was over.
Even Kiera, Ethan, and Emma got to participate. I think the racing numbers we printed up made all the difference. It made them feel official!

Our helpful Boy Scouts

We had fun and will put things in our file for next year's Rodeo.

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