Friday, August 21, 2009

Oregon Coast Camping Trip

The week of the 10th was our mini Glenn family reunion at the beach. We spent an ENTIRE week camping! I think that has probably been the longest camping trip I have ever been on. It was Grandma and Grandpa Glenn, Ryan (Dan's brother) and his family, Steven (Dan's oldest brother) with his family, and us. Grandma and Grandpa brought their tent trailer and the rest of us stayed in our tents.
We had a lot of fun and made lots of memories. The first couple days it did nothing but rain, rain, rain which wasn't much fun in a tent, but luckily we stayed pretty dry. The rain in the mornings however was the worst. The last thing I wanted to do was walk to the bathrooms in the rain. We also had to eat breakfast in shifts in Grandma and Grandpa's trailer to keep dry. But soon after it cleared up and the trip was very pleasant.

One of the most memorable parts for me was Kiera's growing up. She learned so much on our trip especially with the rain situation. Every day we would say a prayer, and would ask for Heavenly Father to stop the rain so we could enjoy the rest of our camping trip. One particular day we all decided to escape the rain and drive up to Tillamook to the cheese factory for lunch. Afterwards, we were driving back to the camp ground and Kiera started to recognize where we were. Suddenly from her car seat she shouted, "Jesus stopped the rain!" It was so cute! From then on the whole trip was centered around Jesus stopping the rain and saying thank you to him when it stopped. One particular night, Kiera and I went to a Junior Rangers program at the campground's amputheatre. We weren't there 5 minutes when it started to sprinkle again. I turned to Kiera and said, "should we go back to the tent so we don't get wet?" She said, "No, Jesus stop the rain. I said please." So we sat there a few more minutes and the rain got heavier and heavier. I asked Kiera again if we should get out of the rain. Still, she said, "No, Jesus stop the rain." Finally it started pouring and I made Kiera leave. But as soon as we left and started walking away from the amputheatre, everything stopped. It was a lesson to me that Kiera's prayers were answered and I just needed to be a bit more patient. I am so glad that Kiera now understands what prayer is and who she is talking too when she prays. She teaches us something new everyday. I love being her mom.

When the rain did clear up we all drove down the road to Seaside and hung out there for awhile. These are some of the pictures I took while we were there.

They had a swingset on the beach that the kids played on. The kids had lots of fun pushing each other. We were trying to kill time until the bumper cars opened.

The bumper cars were a lot of fun. Kiera loved riding with her Daddy bumping into everything. We didn't think Ethan would like all the rough play as much so he stayed with me on the sidelines until it was my turn to take Kiera for a second run.

On Thursday the weather improoved immensly! We all decided it would be a good time to take advantage of the weather and get our fill of the beach. I love the coast! No matter what the weather, it is still wonderful to take off your shoes and walk in the sand!

My cute little family!
Another thing about the beach is that you can play in the sand just like the kids!
On Friday my mom, sister and brother met up with us at the campground to spend the day with us. They had driven up to take a mini vacation with my sister Kayla before she headed off for her first semester of college. We played with them on the beach and also took them to Fort Stevens. Kiera loved going around with my sister exploring the old fort ruins, and seeing the displayes that they had set up there from WWII. Ethan was pooped and fell asleep in Grandma's arms. I still don't think she looks old enough to be a Grandma. Do you?

From left to right: My brother Nathan, my sister Kayla, and me. My brother Tyler is missing since he is on his mission in Florida right now. He comes home at the end of September.

My sister Kayla and Kiera posing. I started playing with the settings on my camera at this point. I think this is one of my favorite pictures.

Kiera was very skiddish around this paratrooper. After we took this picture she told him that he needed to take a bath.

One of the highlights of the trip for the kids was the Treasure Hunt. It has now become a tradition for our beach trips with Grandma and Grandpa Glenn. On each day of our trip, Grandma put together a treasure hunt. We would take turns writing clues on where to find the box. And the kids would head off in search of their treasure. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fun trip. We look forward to doing it again sometime.

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