Friday, April 30, 2010

Green Thumb!

I am so excited! I have a green thumb this year. Or at least it looks that way so far. My little garden starts that I planted have really taken off. All except the bell peppers and onions. I haven't seen them at all. I think my seeds were too old. But the florescent light that we set up has really done the trick for everything else. I have also started putting a fan on the plants for a little bit during the day so that when they have to take on the real wind outside they'll be able to keep standing (thanks momma Shellie for the tip).  They are already getting stronger. When I first started they all just flopped over, but now they hold up just fine.
I can't wait to plant these babies outside. I think I'll wait a couple more weeks. I also need to go and get some more dirt to fill the raised garden spot with. Then I'll actually have something to plant them in.

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Sheila said...

Great job! I didn't know about the fan trick....we've been taking ours outside for a little bit every day - I'm totally going to try the fan trick! :)
All that is growing in my BIG garden the tomatos!