Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time for a change

If you noticed I changed the blog header today. I figured it was time for a change since snow is definitely not the scenery around here anymore. It hasn't been for quite some time. For some reason though I can't get my image to fit perfectly inside the blog layout lines so it is a bit off center. Oh well, I  will just have to ignore it. You probably didn't even notice anyway. So its my fault for pointing it out.

I've been working on Mother's Day gifts this week. They are turning out soooo darn cute! I am going to have to make some for myself! Wish I could show you but I know the other women in my life read this blog and it would spoil the surprise. I'll have to make a post on my projects after Mother's Day instead.


Sheila said...

You can always EMAIL me what you are making THEM for mother's day!! I won't tell! :)
And no....I didn't notice ANYTHING "off" on your header....

Glenn Family said...

Love your blog design!