Saturday, April 17, 2010

Making an Old Toy New

I got this baby cradle as a gift from my Grandpa Lazenby when I was very little. It has been around awhile. On a previous trip home I picked it up with plans to fix it up and give to Kiera for Christmas. Well that was the plan; however that didn't happen. Instead it has been sitting in the garage waiting for me to do something with it. This week I decided to get to work.
First, I sanded it a little to rough it up so the new paint would stick.  Then I did a couple layers with my Barn Red paint while the kids were riding bikes and coloring with sidewalk chalk. (The leftover bunk bed paint is being put to good use). Here's a picture of it with one coat.

I have since done another coat and it is being played with now but I still have more plans in store for this baby bed of mine. Can't wait to show you!


Kara Lohberg said...

How fun for Kiera! I really like your Barn Red paint, so that's cool that you're getting to use it a lot.

I hope your veggies are growing too! :)

Jenny-Jenny said...

So cool that you have that! Way to go