Friday, July 30, 2010

more catching up

July is just about through so I need to get the last of these posts in before August sneeks up on me. So more on our Boise trip over the 4th.
One of the highlights of the trip was my families annual mud volleyball game. They do it every year and it is a huge ordeal. We have 50+ people over for a potluck BBQ and some muddy muddy fun. I absolutely loved it!
We ate lots of yummy food. Mind you not the healthiest but yummy nonetheless. 

and then I got to practice being a Zumba instructor. Excuse the hot pants. They were strictly for mud volleyball. I showed off my first ever dance routine. I don't know if they loved it but I sure did.

Then it was time to get messy!

The weather didn't completely agree with us that night. A random storm blew in and it was COLD! But we all stuck it out and didn't let it ruin the fun. But man oh man rinsing off with the hose while the wind blew like a mad man sure wasn't painful! BRRRR!

After everyone had cleaned up whether it was by hose, soaking in the kiddie pool, or rinsing in the water gun bucket we all settled down and went in for dessert. You could tell my mom had done this before because she had plastic tablecloths taped down on the hardwood floor leading from the garage to the guest bathroom. There was NO hot water left in that house for awhile.

Kiera had fun being pampered by my two cousins. She felt just like a little princess. She even said so.
I think her hairdo lasted for 2 days after that! It was great! I love visiting my family!


Mom said...

What is the little photo bucket icon thing that is floating in the middle of your blog page? It was fun reading the additional updates. I'm ready to do it again.

Sheila said...

That looks like a BBLAST! And how fun that you got to practice your zumba stuff! I'm LOVING it!!!