Monday, July 12, 2010

New blog in the works.

I am in the process of organizing my blog and have decided for a couple reasons that I am going to be starting a new blog "Busy Hands Make Happy Hearts" to keep all the crafty posts and "Going's on at the Glenn's will be mostly for journaling and family events. I'll keep you posted on when it will be up and ready. I'd also like to hear some of your thoughts on it.


Julie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a comment for me about my BFF's table. You look so sweet. Your BFF is out there somewhere. I had to comment after I saw your profile pic because I think I have that exact green blouse. I got mine at Kohl's! It just proves that great minds think alike. :) Your strawberry jam looks great!

Mom said...

I'll be your BFF