Friday, December 17, 2010

Family Christmas Letter

Now that my family should have received their Christmas cards by now, I wanted to post the Christmas letter I wrote. I want to have a copy of it later when I convert my blog to our family year book at the end of the year. Here it is...

Christmas 2010

Much has happened this year in the Glenn home. We’ve had a good year and have had many new adventures. Probably the biggest adventure happened last month in November when we purchased our very first home! We are excited to be homeowners and look forward to both the pleasurable and the not so pleasurable adventures that come with it.

Dan- Continued to serve as scoutmaster in our ward. We thought we would finally have an extra week during the summer to ourselves when our ward split (thinking scout camp would no longer be on the calendar) but as soon as we were in the new ward, he was called again as scoutmaster. He does a really good job at it and I guess his reputation preceded him. We’ll see what happens in our new ward now. At work, Dan has impressed his co-workers and his bosses. We were blessed by his hard work when he was given another raise! He works very hard to provide for our family and we love him for it. He also continues to enjoy his hobby of woodworking and has taken on many projects this year.

Brittany- Served as primary teacher in the ward and was then called as the primary secretary for a whopping 3 weeks before the move. In June she became a licensed Zumba (aerobic Latin dancing) instructor and had plans to teach classes, but quickly found out that she was pregnant just weeks later (we’re due in March). She still attends Zumba classes 2-3 times a week and hopes to start up a class near the new house soon (pregnant and all). Brittany is very excited about the new house and can’t wait to practice her artistic skills in decorating and making it a home. She refuses to give up her craft room and continues to create when time permits. She even started up an Etsy shop online trying to sell baby items she has made.

Kiera (4)- Started preschool and absolutely loves it! She has learned so much and will tell us things she’s learned while out on errands, at home, or whenever something she recognizes comes up. She is also very excited to soon have a new baby brother or sister (we’re keeping it a surprise). She tells everyone she meets that “there is a baby in mommy’s tummy!” She will be a great big sister again. Kiera is into anything frilly and princess. She loves playing with her stuffed animals and plays house everywhere. She also loves to tie things up for some reason. She uses anything she gets her hands on. Brittany has lost many a belt, scarf, shoelace, and hair tie with her around.

Ethan (2)- Is all boy. He loves Cars, Buzz Light-year, and anything to do with Diego. He now talks like a 3 or 4 year old and has surprised us with his effort to potty training himself.  He loves to help mommy in the kitchen and is constantly telling Brittany “I wanna help you” whether it be sweeping the floor, switching the laundry, or cooking dinner. No matter the task he wants to help. Ethan has also learned many of his colors and shapes since Kiera started preschool and brings her stuff home. He asks “what’s that?” to Kiera whenever we go to pick her up and has her papers from school with her.

We look forward to a new year and are excited for the many new adventures! We hope this holiday seasons brings you joy. We love you all and miss many of you who live far away.

Merry Christmas!

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