Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Simplest and Cutest Aprons

I am finally finished with all my Christmas shopping and crafting for the year. But with the move I didn't feel like I crafted nearly enough. It is an addiction of mine that just cannot be put off when I am in the mood. So what do I do? I ignore all the clutter and boxes that STILL need unpacking and I burrow my way into my unorganized craft room (which is also still in boxes) and I find a way to create. 
Kiera had seen me making Christmas presents earlier in the week and kept asking me if what I was making was for her. I had to keep saying, "sorry no it is for someone else." But once I was all done with everyone else's gifts I decided I could whip something up for my kids too. Why not? I ran across this apron tutorial awhile ago and just had to give it a try.It was SOOOO easy and so fast I am sure I will be using it again. I bought the cute floral fabric and yellow striped fabric at JoAnnes in their remnant basket (50% off) and the denim is from an old pair of my jeans that I'll never wear again. I just cut the legs off just below the back pockets, split it down the back of the leg, cut a crescent shape for the arms, and reused the pockets. Easy Peasy! Then I made my own double bias tape out of 3" strips of my fabric and sewed around. A little embellishment on the pockets and away you go! 

When Kiera asked this time around if it was for her and found out that, yes it was, she was so excited! She stood there and watched me sew away. As soon as the last stitch was done she put it on and didn't take it off the rest of the night. Makes a mom feel good!

Ethan liked his too. I should have waited til he had woken up a bit more from his nap before taking some photos. Oh well.
and yes those are paint buckets in the background that still need to be put away.


chris said...

Your aprons turned out wonderfully. I'm sure your children will enjoy them. Merry Christmas!

kim west said...

they look so great!!!! love them!

Sheila said...

totally 100%adorable!!

Melissa said...

I need to make one for my son. He would love that.

Lee Ann L. said...

Thank you for this! Too cute! I also went to the tutorial post you provided and awesome! Thank you for that too! :-)

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Those aprons are darling! My mother in law makes my boys aprons and they just make baking and cooking with them so much more adorable!