Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busy Hands Make Happy Hearts.

I have a sign that reads "Busy Hands Make Happy Hearts" that usually hangs in my craft room above the sewing machine, but at this point the craft room hasn't even reached "unpacked" status. However the signs phrase sticks with me today.

Mornings have been really rough for me lately. I want to do nothing but stay in bed and sleep. I dread the efforts of sitting up and hobbling around the house like a penguin. I am now 30 weeks and 6 days along. Only about 5 more weeks to go! I can do this! Or as a dear friend of mine says, "I can do HARD things." My body is tired and sore but I will make it.

Anyway, today has gone well for the most part. The morning may have been slow at first, and I did spend most of the morning laying on the couch watching cartoons with my kids but I don't feel guilty about it at all.

Once the drowsiness subsided I got a burst of energy. And what better way to use it than to do dishes! (yeah right, I am sure we all could think of better things to spend it on) but it had to be done. Then I got the urge to bake bread. So I made up a batch of carrot rolls; and while the dough for that was rising I decided to start baking cakes. (I was recently asked to do a wedding cake for a friend that is getting married next weekend). It is going to be so fun!

And with all that busyness and work I feel so much better about myself! I am in such a better mood, the kids are happy and well behaved, and the house smells wonderful.

Yes I do believe busy hands make happy hearts...


Janet Wilcox said...

Oh, I miss you; but sound almost like your old self. Busy and always involved in something. I catch up on your blog from time to time by clicking through from Kaija's blog. Love to all of you.

Mom said...

You're awesome! Love you more!