Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Today was a Beautiful Sunday! The weather was awesome! Our morning schedule was a bit different than usual though. We only stayed at church for sacrament meeting since the water pump at the church building broke and there was no running water for the bathrooms or drinking fountains. So we spent some extra time playing together when we got home and set up the race car track for the kids. That provided hours of fun! We need to get that thing out more often! We then had the missionaries over for dinner, and sat in front of our window air conditioner. Then Dan took Kiera out for an evening walk while Emma, Ethan and I hung out here. It was lovely. Sure hope the sun sticks around!

Oh, and by the way...I got our house colors approved today! We are good to go. Maybe we can start on it this weekend. YAY!

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Glenn Family said...

We always loved having the missionaries over when we lived in OR. Take advantage of it! :) We RARELY get that opportunity here. Way to take advantage of the sunshine today. :) They mentioned seattle on the national weather this morning commenting how few times it had gotten above 80 degrees this summer. :( I bet you miss the heat.