Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth of July post #3 and final

Our last night we had a farewell sort of party. We ended the night setting off fireworks we had originally bought in Boise but never got the chance to set off. The kids had fun with the pop-its and sparklers. I tried getting some fun shots with the smoke but am not sure how well I like the way they turned out.

We had so much fun in Utah. It seemed like such a short visit. We are happy to know we'll be seeing our cousins next month in August for our annual Glenn family beach trip.

On our way out of Utah we picked up some books on CD so that our "oh so lovely" ride home would be more pleasant. We ended up listening to the Hobbit. I had never read it and so Dan bought it so I could listen. Or so he says...wink wink. I was actually pretty good.
And since we were already in town we decided to stop by the Bountiful Temple grounds to get some family photos and to fulfill one of our goals for the year. We had made it a goal to take the kids to the temple at the beginning of the year.

We weren't exactly dressed for family portraits, nor did I have my tripod on me but I will take what I can get.

We drove the 6 hours from Utah back to Boise and went to a movie in the park with my mom that evening. We then drove the 10+ hours back to Washington the next afternoon. I am sooo not doing that again until we have a minivan! We're thinking about inviting everyone over here next year for the 4th. Family from both sides. Maybe even doing a multi-site camping trip up here. I wish I could say the trip home went smoothly, but it was one of those, "He's looking at me!" "He's touching me", "She's looking out my window!" sorts. Why couldn't it have been like the drive there and look like this?
Oh well. It was worth it and we now have some fun memories to share. Back to reality.


Glenn Family said...

such cute pictures! the temple pics were great too. so glad no karaoke pics were posted!!!!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

so reading these in the wrong order I am sure. What kind of car did you do that travel in! Can't imagine not having a minivan with three!