Friday, July 22, 2011

Grabbing a few hours to myself

Yesterday I was feeling the need for some "me" time. I don't get much of that these days; especially with two toddlers and our now 4 month old. But yesterday morning was particularly hard on me. The weather blues had started to set in and I was feeling almost as gloomy as the sky looked. YUCKY! Who know when or if summer will ever show its face here in NW Washington. So I decided I needed to take some time and do something fun just for mommy. Y'all know what I consider fun don't ya? Being crafty!

And to be just that I decided to go with a sewing project. I have been wanting to redo the cover for our baby swing for quite some time. The swing was a hand-me-down from a family friend when I had Kiera almost 5 years ago and it looked pretty sad. I have had the fabric to redo it for almost 5 months now. I believe I bought it before Emma was born. It was about time I put it to use.

The old cover was sun faded and worn but the padding still had a lot of wear left so what I did was remove the old bias tape/binding around the edges and used the entire old pad to fill the new one. I just used the old cover as a pattern, cut out a new one on my new fabric, and sewed it directly on top of the old cover. I then serged around the entire perimeter, and then added my own bias tape/binding. I love how it turned out!

Here's a before picture I took when I was halfway finished tearing the old one apart. You can see how worn it was. It originally was a very dark navy color.

And here's it is when the bright new cover. I absolutely love the fabric! It screamed at me in the store for the longest time and I finally gave in at that last visit to the store and bought some.

Now it's ready to go for 3 more kids! Oh wait... let's just get through this one first shall we.


Beth@Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Turned out wickedly awesome!
I would love for you to show this off at my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

once again. impressed. I wish we were neighbors so I could throw all my sewing needs your way. We could work could sew and I could market it. hahaha! Glad you got a little time to do your thing.

Storms rolling in.

Mom said...

3 more babies coming?? Yeah!

Mom said...

Turned out SO CUTE! I'm sure Emma would thank you if she could. :)