Thursday, February 9, 2012

Silhouette Project Completed!

It has been fun working on these silhouettes this past week and a half. I was able to get a composition for Kiera's silhouette to work. Braids just weren't looking right in a silhouette form so I ended up going with the ponytail. Here are the completed canvases of the three kids.
The canvases sat for a few days while I worked out the rest of my plan (where were they going to hang? Should they be separate above each child's bed? Should I put them somewhere on the upstairs landing? I wasn't sure whether to do a couples silhouette of Dan and I or if I should do something else. Finally I had an AH HA moment and decided on a heart. And all 4 would go in Kiera's room.
Today I finished and hung the project. I was originally thinking I was going to arrange them in a square formation with two on top and two on bottom but as I hammered in the nails it transformed and I like it much better!
I did the heart today and as soon as that was dry I HAD to get them up on the wall!
 I am so excited because it just so happens that the colors I used are the same ones in the quilts I am planning for Kiera's and Emma's beds! Lucky how that happened! One of these day the kid's rooms will be decorated. Ethan is jealous now so I will be starting a project for his room next. Something to do with Cars and Trucks. Fun Fun!

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Jenny@NorthwestLovelies said...

Your silhouettes are adorable! I love the bright colors!

Unknown said...

These are FANTASTIC! Love the vibrant colors you chose!

Would LOVE it if you'd link this up to my Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL party which is live right now!

P.S. I'm a new follower : )


Anonymous said...

Hi! Stopping by from The Shabby Nest party. Great job on the silhouettes - I love the colors you used. I did some of my own you can see here:


Carla said...

I love these. Great job. Great blog too! I'm your newest follower.

The Pinwheeler said...

These look great! And so fun!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Love these - and the colors are so bright and cheery!

Abbie said...

Just letting you know I'm featuring your awesome silhouettes for Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!

Hope you'll link up again this week! : )


Anonymous said...

I love your twist on this with the colors. They look great.