Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ethan's Preschool Graduation

Ethan Graduated from preschool yesterday. Mind you he still has another year of preschool before he heads to Kindergarten, but this year is finished! I think I've mentioned before that we participate in a preschool co-op where us moms rotate weeks of teaching. I did it with Kiera and so I just kept going with it when it was Ethan's turn. However, I don't think I will continue with it next year. Lets just say, I am a bit burnt out from it. It is a lot of work to have extra little ones running around while trying to make sure Emma gets what she needs. Especially when not all the kids mesh well together (or with my patience supply) when they are here. I'm just being honest. I think I might be enrolling Ethan in a local preschool come fall. Mommy will be happy and I think he'll be happier too.

I am am so proud of this little guy. He has grown so much this past year and he even gives his sister a run for her money from time to time. Love you Ethan!

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