Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pillowcase Inspired Boys Room Canvas Tutorial

This week I decided to get around to decorating Ethan's room. I promised him I'd do something for his room when I was making the silhouettes for the girl's room. I have had the idea of what I wanted to do for a long time. It was just a matter of getting around to it.
I bought some more 12X12 canvases at the craft store with a 40% off coupon the other day with the intent of finishing this project for Ethan's room. But life happened and that bag of blank canvases sat and stared at me for another 2 weeks before I got around to it. But I am happy to say that today it is finished!

I took step by step pictures in case any of you would like to see how it was done and could re-create the process for a similar project.

Step One: inspiration came from Ethan's bedding. We decided on 3 images to copy and went for it.

Step Two: prepared the work surface and gathered all the needed supplies

Step Three: Paint base coat on all 3 canvases making sure to do the edges as well

Step Four: After paint dried I took a pencil and freehand drew the images I wanted on the canvases and then painted them accordingly. I kept Ethan's pillowcase nearby for reference. (sorry no in progress photos here. I was in the zone)

Step Five: Now step back and admire your work. And wait so ever patiently for the buggers to dry so you can hang them up!

Step Six: Attach sawtooth hangers on the backs of your canvases with a hammer and grab some nails, a level, and a stool (or in my case just stand on your son's bed) and hang your custom artwork.
 Lovin it! Sorry this is not the best picture. The room was a total wreck. They really do look great with the bed made and toys put away and the curtains drawn up. Perfect for a home and garden's magazine photo shoot. (...who am I kidding. The room is never like that and they still look great!)
Ethan loves them, and is happy to finally  have something fun hanging on his walls.

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